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This page is about the official Fullmetal Alchemist video games that either follow 03 canon or cannot be definitively stated to not. This will be updating as I get the time to play through the games. I'd rather write what I can on my own about the games than rely on someone else when I can play them. I will be using screenshots from my own playthroughs when I play the game through emulation.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Stray Rondo | Game Boy Advanced | 2004

Stray Rondo was published by Bandai and only released in Japan

Stray Rondo follows the Elric brothers as they look into a case involving chimeras attacking towns. You get to play both as characters from the manga and anime, and original characters. It's an RPG with a fun battle system. With Edward you have the choices of Attack, Alchemy and Items, and with other characters, Attack, Skills and Items.

The Alchemy system is fun, and also in my little experience so far, the strongest way to attack. You have materials cards you combine to form stronger attacks. There are two numbers on the bottom of every card, mass and value. Neither can exceed 7. There are 4 different types of cards, Nature, Metal, Stone and Darkness. You can combine the types together but the base card, the one you choose first, is the type it will come out as. Nature, Metal and Stone all add mass and value, while Darkness subtracts mass and value unless used as the base card. There's 5 levels to each type of card, as 5 is the total amount of cards that can be combined together. Combining the cards and using each attack fills up your handbook. The system is a little daunting at first but I personally found it quite easy to get the hang of.
If you fill up your handbook to 100% you get a special image! Finding all 200 attacks can be a bit daunting at first but it's actually not that hard. Finding new attacks will be easy at first, just about anything you do can get you a new attack. However likely at some point you will need to start really start working towards them. To get a new attack for a certain card the easiest way is to create the card and then use the darkness cards and any of the other cards to add on levels but keep the mass and value numbers the same.
Step one, is if the card is one you need to create to create it. If you have an idea of what mass and value the card usually has try to put together cards to achieve that, if not just try combining different types of cards and trying to get different mass and value numbers.
Step two, use other cards to add and subtract from the mass and value until you have the level card you need! Figure out how many levels up you want to go and then decide how you need to go about that. Need just two levels? Toss out cards until you have a darkness card and another card with the same mass and value and add them all up. Need more than that? Find a higher mass and value darkness card and then smaller nature, metal, or stone cards that add together to that darkness card. But remember you can't add up more than 5 cards total!
Step three, use in battle!
Step four, repeat as many times as needed to fill up your handbook! I completed my handbook! Here's the image, hidden incase you want the satisfaction of seeing it for yourself after completing the handbook.

The Image :3

There are cats you can collect that will increase the power of one of Alphonse's attacks. Don't be afraid to go exploring to look for them to power that up, or just because you want Alphonse to have lots of cats :3

Once you've finished the main story there's still things to do! So far I've done a fighting tournament and searching around Central to find pieces of Alphonse's armor, there's a quest where you run some errands for Bradley, look for Hayate after he goes missing, find some materials for Winry to make new automail.

Since this game was only released in Japan if you don't speak japanese you'll likely need to emulate it. Since it's a gameboy advanced game you don't need a super powerful computer to run it. I use Visualboy Advance and downloaded the ROM at this website
I'm still playing through this one so likely more to come

Fullmetal Alchemist: Sonata of Memories | Game Boy Advance | 2004

Fullmetal Alchemist: Sonata of Memories was published by Bandai. It was only released in Japan and is a direct sequel to Stray Rondo

Sonata of Memories follows the Elric brothers and Winry as they look into bombings of military buildings. It's very similar to Stray Rondo visually, and the alchemy system is similar but some attacks were switched to create helpful items instead.

There's now also after every fight a screen that tells you how much XP each character has gained and if they gained a level. If a character is KO'd during a fight they don't gain any XP though, which kinda sucks because Winry is very weak.

Like the last game there's a notebook that keeps track of all the alchemy you've used, but so far it doesn't seem like there's an extra thing for completing the notebook. At least not an image like in Stray Rondo.

I'm still early into the game so I'll update as I go!

Because this game also only got a Japanese release, if you don't speak Japanese chances are you'll need to emulate. Usually I link to websites, however with this one the ROM I found was in Japanese and I needed to patch in the English. So this time I will be providing a link to a google drive download so you don't have to patch it.

Now I can't promise perfect translation, in fact there are some things that weren't translated in game and there's something wrong that causes the Yes No screen when choosing a special attack to appear very glitched. It still works, you just have to figure out where Yes is. But this is how I got the ROM and a translation without getting a virus from some weebly site. You can find the ROM here.

Translations for what wasn't translated

Level-up Stats
レベル = Level
攻撃力 = Attack
防御力 = Defense
素早さ = Speed

Alchemy Stats
威力 = Power (skill's base power)
命中 = Hit + (skill's additional damage)
回数 = Times (number of times the skill hits target)
範囲 = Target (whether the skill affects single target or all)
必要素材 = Needed Materials (material combinations to produce alchemy skill)
Straight from the read me file that came from the english patch.

Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel | Playstation 2 | 2003

Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel was published by Square Enix. It got a Japanese release in 2003 and an English release in 2005

Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel (I'll be calling it Broken Angel from here on out), follows the Elric brothers as they end up in the town of Hiessgart after a train crash. Along the way they meet a girl named Armony who helps her father Professor Eiselstein with alchemy, but isn't allowed to learn it herself. From their they find themselves in a serious case surrounding the chimeras that have overrun Hiessgart, Professor Eiselstein, and traitors in the military.
In this game you play as Edward Elric, and Alphonse follows him around. You can command Alphonse to do things such as pick up weapons, tackle enemies, and perform special attacks with Edward.

I've had a lot of fun with this game so far! Edward seems a little exagerated at first and that's quite the whiplash, but I think he chills out a bit as the game goes on. I think Alphonse is a joy in this game, often getting sassy with Edward. Who can blame him. This game does have inverted controls for the camera so if you're used to pushing a joystick left and the camera turning left that will be something to get used to.

For the fighting Edward can attack with his arm blade or he can transmute different weapons. The transmuted weaons range from spears, to canons, to bubble blowers. Weapons like spears, swords, knives, and toys like the hammer, and pogo stick can be used for as long as you either hold onto them or you finished the stage. Weapons like the canons, the large crossbows, flame thrower, all have limited uses. For the canons and bows you can obtain items that allow you to reload them, which is incredibly useful. I personally really like using the ranged weapons they can deal a lot of damage quickly, and take out enemies at a distance. I'm always certain to try to keep a spear or sword on me too though. Weapons for Al all have limited uses and aren't as varied. Usually just a sword or lance. He can also use the canons and bows.

This game has cutscenes that are 2d animated in the anime style, and all the dialogue is accompanied by drawings of the characters.

If you have an NTSC PS2 you can play an official version in English. If you don't I don't know of any ROMs personally, I am playing this game on a PS2, but they're probably out there.

Fullmetal Alchemist Flameout | Browser

Flameout is a flash game that was once on the adult swim website.

It's a simple game where you play as Roy Mustang fighting off chimeras. You click your mouse to shoot at the chimeras and if you activate all the spots on the transmutation circle Mustang stands in the middle of you can kill all the chimeras on screen. It's called a Hydrogen Blast and can only be used once per round.

Despite this being a flash game you don't need to have flash installed to play it, a flashless version is available to play here

Fullmetal Alchemist: Alchemy Exam | Browser

Alchemy Exam is a flash game that was once on the adult swim website

Alchemy Exam is a sudoku like game where you put smybols into parts of a transmutation circle.
For this game the version I found does still require flash. For playing games that require flash I use the waterfox browser. You can find the game here.

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