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Here you will be able to find information on the episodes, characters, and games of Fullmetal Alchemist (2003). Along with that I will also be creating an archive of icons and gifs, official art work, and fan games. There is a good chance that as I keep working on this site I will continue to find things to add onto the site.

Website was created on April 10th 2022
I only started learning coding this year so somethings may look odd, that will just be until I figure out a way to make it look better.
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Upcoming Ideas

Currently just working on improving what already exists on the site (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)


January 14th: Finished up reformatting the art pages. It's pretty messy but I think I prefer this over what I had going on before for now. I also finished adding some more figures to Mustang's figure page.

January 2nd 2023:Happy new year! Been a while, made some changes to pages for the anime official art and Hirakawa's art. Now they show smaller and then you can click to see them in their actual size. Hoping to return to more regular updates, starting with finishing the format change for the other two official art pages either next week or the week after.

October 23rd: Got rid of the more to come page, moved those contents to the index page and moved email address to reach me to the About page. I will be removing the link from the navigation bar on each page as I have the time. Added art to the Hirmou Arakawa section of the Official Art section.

October 9th: Added some more figures to the Alphonse figures page, also got the Mustang page started. Also added a few new official art pieces to the official art page.

September 25th: Did some polishing of the entry for Bluebird's Illusion. Added some more official art to the art page. Also added a page for Alphonse's figures to the merch page.

September 11th: The music area is now linked on the Video Games Entrance page with a temporary gif until I finish making new icons for that page, and currently has the soundtrack for Stray Rondo available. Also added some more art to the Official art page.

August 28th: Added some more official art to the Official art page and have created a page for music from the video games. It won't be accessible via nav for a bit in case it's incredibly broken.

August 4th: Added a Site Graphics page, it has graphics that are used on the site in sizes smaller than they were originally, graphics that aren't used at all at the moment, and should I remake any in the future the original versions of them. Also added an About page, has a short summary about Fullmetal Alchemist and some info about the site. Added a little bit of more info to the Official Video Games page. Updates will probably slow down even more from this point as I am finally no longer unemployed again.

July 18th: Added some more info and items to the promotional items page.

July 14th: Added episodes 11-13 to Episodes. Also changed the appearance of the titles for sections of the navigation and changed the image in the IDK YET side bar to an edit I made. Also update More to Come page

June 30th: Transfered the Character pages to the new format completing the Layout switch over. I also made some little adjustments to pages where I realized that something was wrong.

June 26th: Added the books page! Then added the links to all pages that have been switched over. (Now I have to actually figure out how I want the layout of the character pages to look orz) Also added more official art to the official art page! (And I still have so much more I still have to add)

June 16th: Added a merch page! (Going to try to add my current ideas for pages before finishing the layout change for the characters pages to reduce the amount of pages I will have to update just to add links to them.), so far it has figures for Edward. Added Sonata of Memories to the official Video games page, and added some more info to the Stray Rondo entry.

June 10th: Updated the main Characters page and the Promotional Items page finishing off the main pages. (Just the actual character pages remain now)

June 8th: Updated the Official Art pages, added new images, and created a seperate page for the draft works (I plan on adding more to that one in the future) and updated the entrance page for the Video game pages.

June 6th: Changed the layout for the Gifs and Icons pages, More to come page, and the actual video game pages (not the entrance page)

June 4th: Began Layout switch over. Index and episodes page have been switched over.

May 28th: Added episode 8, 9, and 10 to the episodes page. Added another image to the bottom image scroll. Added an icon for at least the index page to see how I feel about it.

May 23rd: Finished adding pages for Team Mustang, and added more character images.

May 17th: Added pages for Riza Hawkeye, Roy Mustang, Blakc Hayate,and Winry's parents to the character's page and updated Pinako and Winry's pages to reflect their addition. Added some ideas to the more to come page.

May 12th: Added banners to bottom of index page, Pinako Rockbell page to the Characters, a newgrounds dress up game to fanmade video games page, two flash games to the official video games page, and the Official art section got a major overhaul and many new images.

May 9th: Added a button to the index page that leads to the profile page

May 8th: Updated the info on the Stray Rondo section of the Official Games page

May 6th: Changed updates section to most recent first, and added borders to each new entry. Also added new border to Updates and email boxes. Added a page for the More to Come part of the navigation.

May 5th: Added episodes 6 and 7 to the episodes page

May 4th: Added a section about Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel to the Official Video Games page

May 3rd: Added Characters Page with pages for Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric, Trisha Elric, Hohenheim of Light, and Winry Rockbell

Apr 27th: Added Episode 5 to the episodes page

Apr 24th: Added more sprites to Gifs/Old Icons

Apr 25th: Added a second page for Icons and Gifs. Added Episode 4 to the episodes page.

Apr 23rd: Added Promotional Items page. Added some more sprites to Gifs/Old Icons page

Apr 22nd: Replaced Header with logo, added images to episode summaries and made the format for episode and 2 more readable with more breaks

Apr 21st: Changed homepage header to Fullmetal 2003, added a section for Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel to the Official Video Games page.

Apr 18th: Changed Homepage layout and adjusted size of some images on the Official art page to fit better with eachother and added images.

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