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Fanmade video games, so far this page is mostly visual novels. If you know of any others please send them my way!!

Bluebird's Illusion | Visual Novel | 2004

Bluebird's Illusion is a visual novel, originally in chinese. It's an AU where Edward was able to get Alphonse's body back sooner. He has stayed in the military and has been promoted to Colonel and the Fuhrer's secretary. However as idealic things look on the surface, there's something wrong with Alphonse's body, and how Edward got his brother's body back is going to come back to bite him.

There are 4 different endings to this game, Pride Ending, Al Ending, Roy Ending, and Tea Alchemist Ending. The Pride ending is the ending you get when you don't fulfill the requirements for the other endings. Theres also plenty of side stuff to see what the other characters in the military are up to.
There are some card battles, they can be frustrating however for the most part I didn't struggle with them too much.

There's also little galleries you can look through later. You can see the art pieces made for certain situations, listen to the music used in the game, and there's diaries you can collect in the game. The diaries aren't translated though, but even if you can't read them there's still some nice art to see in Chris', Siren's, and Chris Fox's diaries.
This one was a fun playthrough, a download for an english translation of the game can be found here

Pride Ending

In the Pride Ending after Edward is kidnapped and Alphonse and Mustang go to find him Alphonse dies, his body no longer able to sustain itself and Envy stabbing him. Mustang dies trying to protect Edward as he holds his dying brother. Left the only survivor Edward ends up bringing down the whole place and then succumbs to his injuries. Hohenheim decides to bring him back as a homunculus. He loses all of his memories and comes back as Pride, very different from how he used to be. (Sorry if this isn't very good I saw this ending something like a week from when I wrote this, will probably go through and play again to get a better one at a different time)

Al Ending

The Al ending is achieved by completing the serial killer storyline. In the Al ending after passing through the gate Edward tricks Alphonse into standing in the middle of a transmutation circle and gets Al his body back for real this time. In exchange though he enters a vegetative state. Alphonse takes him back to Resembool to care for him and try to help him remember himself

Roy Ending

The Roy ending is achieved by following the Roy and Hughes storyline. In the Roy ending Ed tries to get Al his body back Al stops the transmutation and his body gives out. Mustang becomes Fuhrer. Roy confronts Ed at his home as Edward in his mourning is ignoring himself and tells Ed that he needs to keep living.

Tea Alchemist Ending

The Tea Alchemist Ending is unlocked after you complete any one of the other endings. Stay overtime every day, always serve Bradley tea and agree to stay in the military. In the Tea Alchemist ending Edward agrees to stay in the military and serve Bradley tea everyday, becoming the Tea Alchemist. This is the only happy ending.

Phantomphobia - Outsider | Visual Novel | 2004

Phantomphobia - Outsider is a visual novel, originally in chinese. It's an AU where Edward is sent to another world during an alchemy mishap. In this other world alchemy is forbidden, so Ed and Al never tried to bring back their mother and Alphonse never had to be put in the armor. It has 4 endings Normal ending, Al ending, Roy Ending, and Envy ending. There are card battles. I haven't gotten very far into this visual novel, the text was incredibly slow for me so I called it quits for now after the first day.
From what I've read on the website if Ed getting with any of the characters mentioned in the endings isn't your cup of tea this likely isn't a game for you.(I don't blame you they're not mine either)
For now though that's all I can say on it as I didn't get very far. If what I have mentioned interests you you can find an english patch and some links to downloads at this website

Phantomphobia - Truth | Visual Novel | 2008

Phantomphobia - Truth is a visual novel originally in chinese. It was originally supposed to be a sequel to Outsider but it's a remake. It starts off similarly with the same basic premise of Edward ending up in a world where alchemy is forbidden. I didn't get far in this one either as you need to move some files around to prevent the game from crashing at card battles and I have not figured out where my version of those files are. This one has 8 endings instead of 4. Same heads up regarind relationships for this one. From what I've seen this is better than the original. If you're interested in this version you can find an english patch and download links at this website

FMA Dress up Game

The name explains it all, this one is a simple dress up game I found on newgrounds. Here's a link to it.

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