Summaries of each episode, an in depth one, and a shorter one. 10 episodes per page. This section will be updated likely in batches, but minimum 1 episode at a time and max 5 episodes at a time.

Episode 1: Those Who Challenge the Sun

The episode opens up with Edward finishing drawing a transmutation circle. He assures his brother Alphonse that everything will be ok and they press their hands to the circle activating it. There is an explanation of alchemy as the transmutation is happening. The lighting changes and it appears that the transmutation is going wrong. It cuts to Winry coming out of her home worried, and then to Roy Mustang standing in the rain. Aphonse's clothes lay on the ground empty as Edward cries out for him. Edward, now shown that he is missing one of his legs now looks to see if their transmutation had been successful calling out for their mother. Instead he finds himself looking at a terrifying human monster and he screams.

It then cuts to Edward hungry in the desert. He collapses into the sand and complains efore realizing that Alphonse is nowhere to be found until his hand reaches up from the sand and grabs Ed's leg. Edward screams. He then has to dig out Alphonse who has become full of sand. Edward kicks his chest plate off ending up buried in the sand trapped in there. Edward angrily chases Alphonse in circles.

We get a look at Liore before Edward and Alphonse walk into town getting weird looks from the locals. Edward complains about his thirst and then they find a fountain. Edward runs to it excitedly only to find its full of wine instead. A local comes and scolds him for trying to get a drink while underage. It then cuts to the local finding out it was a simple misunderstanding. Edward comments on the prosperity of the town and then the local turns on his radio. Ed sits in awe before the man on the radio begins talking and suddenly becomes a bit confused as it's a religious broadcast.

The local asks if the boys are street performers which Edward takes great offense to spitting his drink everywhere. He then asks why they're in town if they're not which Ed replies to vageuly. Then Edward asks about the broadcast and the local finds out he's never heard of their priest Cornello. The locals gather around and sing his praises until Edward tells him he's not religious. They get up to leave and Alphonse bumps the top of the shop and knocks down the radio breaking it. Alphonse offers to fix it and shows off alchemy, drawing a circle on the ground and fixing the radio. The locals are amazed at first thinking it's a miracle until they explain alchemy and that they're the Elric brothers. A woman, who will later be revealed to be Lust, begins to explain more about who they are and Edward's fame as the Fullmetal Alchemist. The locals then gather around Alphonse in amazement before Alphonse explains that he's no the Fullmetal Alchemist, leading to the first of many short jokes where Edward overreacts.

Rose comes along and the brothers introduce themselves. Rose is revealed to be shopping for offering and the shop keoper local says she should take them along to the church. Alphonse tries to decline but Edward agrees to go. The locals left behind comment on how much happier Rose is now.

Edward asks Al if they'd ever seen the woman at the shop before. Rose then tells the brothers they'll be able to find what they're looking for and Edward could maybe get taller if he prayed. This makes Edward angry and he begins chasing Rose who just laughs at his antics.

It then cuts to a look of the church and more of Cornellos sermon that he is broadcasting. We then see Cornello, he finishes his broadcast and several men come towards him and praise him. Rose comes in and asks if she they brothers can stay in the pilgrim's quarters. Cornello nods and says that she does everything she can everyday for her god. Cornello tells her she is working hard but it's not quite time for what she wants.

We then see Rose in a graveyard at sunset. Alphonse tells Edward that that's the grave of her boyfriend who died in an accident. Edward comments on how people cannot come back to life however Alphonse refutes this talking about the immortality of the soul. We then go back to Rose who now has Cornello beside her.

Then we see Cornello performing miracles which the brothers point out is really just alchemy. Rose then shows up and and Edward tells her that it's just alchemy. Alphonse tries to be nicer and points out that he's ignoring the laws. Edward jumps off the top of his suitcase and begins walking away. Edward and Alphonse explain equivalent exchange, and that Cornello isn't abiding by it. Rose gets angry and says that they're miracles. A little girl brings a dead bird to Cornello he places his hands on it and it comes back to life. Rose asks if Edward can do such a thing with alchemy.

Cornello finds out the brothers are in town and he tells one of his men that they are from the military and they must be saved. Lust points out how troubling it is.

Rose is seen polishing the alter. Edward asks her if by doing this someone will come back to life. She responds affirmatively. Edward sighs and pulls out a book reading out the components of a human body. Edward points out that science has not been able to bring back a person yet, and that all the ingredients can be bought on a child's allowance. He says that scientists are the closest things to gods, to which Rose disagrees. Edward replies saying the sun isn't either, and if you get close to it you just burn up. Alphonse watching from afar says he's just making Rose upset. A man comes up from behind Al and shoots at his helmet, and this spooks Ed and Rose. Al's body falls to the ground and Rose asks what he's doing. He says they're enemies of god before being frightened as Alphonse rises from the ground. Edward attacks the man with Al's helmet. Rose freaks out of Alphonse's body, and they explain that's how he is and that that's his punishment for setting foot on holy ground. Rose screams and runs away, now convinced they are enemies of god.

Ed and Al find Rose, who is with Cornello in a large room. Edward asks if he has the philosopher's stone and Cornello shows the ring on his finger with the stone. Edward tells him to hand it over and he won't tell anyone. Cornello asks him what would happen to the town without it. Edward tries to tell Rose that Cornello is fraud. Cornello says he's a representative of God and would Ed really deprive the town of their God? Edward tell them that they're not there on military orders but rather for their own goals. This makes Rose upset and she asks why they would rob the town of hope. Alphonse tries to explian but Ed cuts him off. Cornello begins to show off the power of the stone by filling the room with sand separating the brothers across the room. A chimera is released into the room and Ed transmutes a spear. Cornello is surprised to find Ed doesn't need a circle to perform alchemy. Edward easily fights back the chimera and Cornello mutates the bird and sends it to fight Ed. The bird attacks Edward's left leg and the Chimera attacks his right arm. Cornellos is surprised to find it hasn't phased him. Edward tears off his coat and tells Rose to look at the consequences of committing human transmutation and reveals that the aforementioned limbs are made of metal. The episode ends on Cornello realizing that's why he's called Fullmetal. Then what will be the opening for upcoming episodes plays, Melissa by Porto Graffiti.


The episode starts with Edward and Alphonse attempting to bring their mother back which starts to go wrong. The rest of the episode focuses on the brothers several years later in the town of Liore searching for a philosopher's stone, and Alphonse is revealed to now be an empty suit of armor. They meet a girl named Rose and corrupt priest Cornello who is using a philosopher's stone to perform alchemy and trick his followers into believing he is performing Miracles. The brothers try to tell Rose, who believes Cornello will bring back her dead boyfriend. The brothers fight Cornello who uses chimeras against him and it is revealed that Edward's left leg and right arm are made of metal.

Episode 2: Body of the Sanctioned

The episode opens with Cornello repeating what we learned in the first episode. That the brothers had committed human transmutation and Ed lost his limbs and that's why he's called the Fullmetal Alchemist. Cornello explains to rose that human transmutation is a taboo. Cornello calls them foolish kids who committed it without knowing the toll. Alphonse tries to deny it but Edward stops him. Alphonse then says that they just wanted to see their mother's mile one more time. Cornello says that they've failed, and Edward agrees, taking the opportunity to show Rose what happens when you try to bring someone back to life and ask if she's prepared. Cornello tries to assure her that they will not faily like the brothers did because he has a philosopher's stone from Leto. Edward argues there's some things you can't undo. Cornello thinks that they want the stone to be able to bring their mother back, but Edward reveals their real goal. To get back Al's body and Ed's limbs. Alphonse asks for the stone, and Cornello hopes the wrath of God will befall them and Edward threatens him. Cornello transmutes his cane into a giant gun and shoots at the brothers. He laughs until realizing that Edward had transmuted a wall and none of the bullets hit them. Edward meanwhile behind the wall sighs in relief as it was a close call. Several of Cornello's followers come into the room and begin shooting, they shoot at Al who can't be hurt by them. Edward runs to a wall and calls for Al to follow him. Edward transmutes a door and they escape, but the followers chase after them. Rose asks about the stone and Cornello says that whether or not they call it alchemy others cannot do what he does. Rose is taken to see what she believes is her boyfriend in the process of being resurrected. Cornello tells her that he isn't quite here yet but he will be soon. Rose is certain that it is a miracle, but then she sees many feathers on the ground and then we see her looking worried towards where Cain is.

We now see Edward and Alphonse on the streets and night has fallen. Alphonse says that if they wanted they could have just taken the stone. Over the radio the town is told that the brothers had attempted to take Cornello's life. The people get angry and begin to go to the streets, we then see Lust and Gluttony watching this all unfold.
The people find Edward and "Alphonse", they confirm that they have found the right people and Edward gets angry at being called short. They ask why they would try to take Cornello's life. Edward tries to explain that his miracles are just alchemy. However Rose shows up and announces that Cain has come back to life. The people say that other people have also been brought back to Life but Edward asks if they'd ever even seen these people. Then statues begin walking down the street and the people say it's a miracle. The statues throw "Alphonse" and hit him and punch Edward knocking him out.

Edward is taken to Cornello who takes his watch commenting on how it's the proof that he's a state alchemist and believing that the watch amplifies his alchemy and allows him to perform it without a circle. Edward at first looks distressed before smiling.

At the clock tower the man in charge of ringing the bell goes to ring it only to find that it's not there we then see Alphonse sneak behind him carrying the bell.

Back with Edward he is chained to a wall, Rose brings him food and he asks if she is going to feed him. She sets the food on the ground and begins to run out upset. Edward tries to ask about her boyfriend but she leaves. Edward scootches the food towards him and then we hear the sound of Digging and Edward smiles.

Cornello dreams that there is a snake in his room and it almost attacks him before he wakes up. We then see Lust across the room.

Rose visits the room that her boyfriend is in again, it makes her happy to hear him say her name. Cornello comes in and Rose apologizes for coming in even though she wasnt suposed to. A gust of wind blows through the room and Rose turns around horrified to find that her boyfriend is actually a giant bird. Cornello explains that even with his power he was only able to do this. It zooms in on Cornello's face, his eyes are purple and his pupil a slit showing he's not the real Cornello, he asks if the chimera is perhaps not to her liking and the bird goes to attack Rose and Cornello leaves. Alphonse saves Rose and offers his hand so they can leave as it's dangerous in there.

Meanwhile with Edward he tells Cornello that he will be found out eventually, but Cornello says that his followers aren't likely to be able to distinguish between alchemy and miracles. Edward asks what he's getting out of it.

Alphonse is setting something up, and is explaining to Rose the laws of equivalent exchange. Rose asks about their mother but Alphonse quickly changes the subject and turns on the thing he was working on and Cornello and Edward's voices are hear loudly. Cornello is explaining that he will be getting money and believers who aren't afraid to die and will give up their lives giving him an invincible army to tear the country apart. Edward says it doesn't matter to him and that you can't bring someone back. Cornello confirms that even with the philosopher's stone he can't bring people back. Edward has meanwhile revealed that he isn't chained up and is eating bread, when Cornello realizes Edward cheekily shows off the microphone he had been hiding. Cornello asks how long it's been on as we see the shock of the citizens of Liore. We then get an explanation of how the set up was put together via Edward. Cornello tries to deny what he said and then the sounds of gunshots are heard. Edward has not been hurt and instead hits the gun out of Cornello's hands. Cornello runs outside to find the whole town angry at him. He tries to say that it is a conspiracy, and moves the statues to try to show that he can do miracles. Edward catches up and Cornello continues to underestimate him since he doesn't have his watch. Edward moves a giant statue to prove that he is wrong. Cornello says that even with the philosopher's stone he couldn't move that. The statue punches near Cornello frightening him. Cornello still tries to keep the stone away from Edward but falls to the ground in pain as the stone rebounds and creates a frankly kinda terrifying mess of his arm and the stone is destroyed. This reveals the stone is a fake.

Edward sighs and complains about how this was all a wild goose chase. The brothes are sitting in the streets again. Alphonse says that he should get his body first and that the automail is hard on him. Edward says that they should keep searching. Rose shows up upset, because the miracles were what gave the people hope and she wonders what she should do now. Edward tells her that she has good legs and she should get up and move forward. Alphonse tries to comfort.
Cornello meanwhile is complaining to Lust that it was a fake. Lust tells him the town was a decoy anyway to lure in alchemists who could make the stone. GLuttony asks if he can eat him and then the screen cuts to black and splatting noises are heard.

In town the people are cleaning up and they find the many dead birds. A Cornello shows up and brings all the dead birds to life. He tells them that the devil had worked his wickedness there and the people who saw it begin to cheer. There's a shot of the birds he had brought to life and they dissolve into a flurry of feathers before disappearing. Lust is watching the show and apologizes to Envy for making him take on the form of Cornello. Rose is watching the display as well however she still looks upset, Alphonse voice telling her that he's going to tell her about all sorts of things they'd seen so she doesn't repeat it plays. She turns and runs and we see the brothers walking through the desert and Alphonse explains where everything began, in Resembool.

Trisha is haning up laundry and Edward and Alphonse run up to her to show off their alchemy, two little four legged creatures, Edward's being more clean and shiny than Alphonse's. Trisha compliments them both and tells them they're certainly his kids. Alphonse once again explains equivalent exchange as it zooms out from their house in Resembool.


Edward and Alphonse escape from the room Cornello has them in. The entire town chases them down after being told the brothers tried to take Cornello's life. Edward is locked up in prison while Alphonse sets up a way to broadcast to the entire town Cornello's plans to use his followers for money and as an army. The townsfolk turn on him and then the philosopher's stone is revealed to be a fake. Rose with no more hope is told by Edward to get up and move forward and Alphonse tells her that he will tell her about their past to try to prevent her from following in their footsteps. Meanwhile Cornello has been eaten and Envy has taken his form to continue to trick the townsfolk. The Elric brothers continue on their journey.

Episode 3: Mother...

The episode opens on the brothers looking in a library for books about the philosopher's stone. Alphonse finds a book that they had read when first learning alchemy. Edward opens up and the scene fades to the Rockbell house when they were all kids. Edward and Alphonse are drawing a transmutation circle and Winry stands to the side impatiently waiting while holding Den as a puppy. Edward and Alphonse say they're making her a present and they pour a bunch of dust on the floor. They sit down and press on the circle and it lights up. The dust begins to move and Winry gasps. The dust begins to have a face and Winry screams and begins crying. The brothers stop their transmutation and go to comfort her, on the floor there's now a doll where the dust was.

Edward and Alphonse are sitting outside of the home looking sad, Den is with them and barking. Winry's parent's explain to Winry they were just trying to be nice and apologize to Trisha. Pinako comes into the room holding the doll that they had made and points out their talent. Trisha says they shouldn't know anything about alchemy but Pinako says that they are His sons. Trisha then comes out to get them and they walk home. Trisha asks them when their dad taught them but they say they've been learning from the book. They ask if they're in trouble but Trisha assures them that she's proud of them. Trisha lets them into their dad's study and explains the rules of being in their. They run in and immediately get buried under books. Edward narrates that their father left them and the struggles their mother faced and the love she had for them as images of their childhood and the effects of the war in Resembool go by.

Edward and Alphonse run up to their mother to show her the things they'd made with alchemy. She praises them and says that they're his children. They look happy about it. Alphonse asks if their father would also be proud, and Trisha tells them that when he comes back he will. Edward gets upset at this and takes his creature and says he's going to Winry's. Alphonse follows him and leaves Trisha to watch them run off. Alphonse asks Edward if he hates their father. Edward says he doesn't remember him enough to, and says their mother makes a weird face when ever he's mentioned and he doesn't like that. They then go to Winry's

At her house she's crying and she tells them that her parent's are dead. Edward asks that they're doctors. She confirms and they died trying to help in Ishval. Alphonse tries to relate through their father who had run off and places his creature on the table. Winry pushes it off in anger and yells at Al that dead people can't come back. Edward begins to talk about how he read in a book about Homunculi and Pinako cuts him off saying that it's not allowed, and that alchemy isn't all powerful. Edward calls her a hag and the brother's are chased out of the house. Alphonse says that he feels sorry for Winry and then they see their mother who smiles and waves. They run up the hill to hug her while crying. She asks them what's wrong, and then it lingers on them hugging their mother from afar.

The brother's run on a road near train tracks to their home holding produce in baskets. Edward opens the door and apologizes for taking so long but is horrified to see their mother passed out on the ground. They drop their baskets and run to help her. A doctor explains that her illness has been going on for years to Pinako. Trisha in bed feverish whispers about their father as Edward and Alphonse stand by her bedside. Edward and Alphonse then set out to send letters to people who had once been in contact with their father to try to find him. Edward says he doesn't want him to come home but they don't have any other choice.

It's a windy night and there are people gathered in the Elric house. In another room Trisha is telling the brothers about some money their father had left. Meanwhile Winry, Pinako and the doctor stand to the side. Edward asks her what she's talking about. Trisha asks him to transmute her flowers and says that their father used to make them for her as she dies and her grip on their hands loosens.

We see flowers and the camera pans up to reveal a gravestone with Trisha Elric carved on it and Edward says that the reason she liked seeing them do alchemy was because it reminded her of their father. Her funeral is ongoing, Alphonse is sitting on the ground curled in on himself, Winry and Pinako stand behind him looking sad and Edward stands next Winry. The crowd of the funeral thins going from many people to just the Elrics and Rockbells and then to just the brothers. Alphonse says he's hungry and cold and he wants to go home, and Edward suggests they bring her back.

Edward finds some of their father's notes on human transmutation in the basement. Alphonse says it's forbidden and Edward says that nobody has succeeded and got frustrated and prohibted it. Alphonse tries to stop him again and Edward just gets angry saying it's his fault their mother died and he didn't even come to her funeral and he says that they're going to do it.

Edward begins narrating a quick run down of them finding a teacher and learning alchemy as scribbly scenes of them in the wilderness flash by. Then they return home, the day is cloudy and the house is empty. They read out the components of a human body. A bowl of the elements sits in the middle of a transmutation circle. Alphonse tries to stop Edward again again and asks about equivalent exchange and what do they exchange for the soul. Edward tells him to stick out his finger, they cut their fingers and let a drop of blood each fall into the mixture. Then Edward says that it's complete and they should do it. Outside the house Roy Mustang stands in the rain. Back in the house the boys have started the transmutation the circle glows a bright yellow. It begins to go wrong and it becomes purple. Alphonse points out there's something wrong and then begins screaming as a long black arm begins taking his arm. Edward goes to help him but is stopped by arms grabbing at his leg. Alphonse yells out to him and Edward looks back to see him being dragged by many small black hands his arms starting to disppear but he desperately reaches out. Edward goes to grab him but their hands barely miss each other as Alphonse disappears. Roy Mustang watches the house from afar. Alphonse wakes up in the armor and then sees Edward bleeding out from his arm and leg. Alphonse asks what happened and Edward explains that he gave up his arm to bond him to the armor. Alphonse asks about their mother and Edward says what they made isnt' even human. Alphonse looks over and is horrified and confused, saying that Ed's theories should have been perfect. At the front of the scene is the silhoutted ribs of what they made. Edward says the problem wasn't the theories but rather themselves.

Alphonse has taken Edward to the Rockbells both of them in shock. Alphonse sits at the doorframe covered in Edward's blood, Edward in his arms with white cloth tied around his shoulder and leg, Alphonse begs for help. Winry asks if it's Al. Later Pinako asks if they'd tried to bring back their mother, Roy Mustang walks into the room and comments on the fact that it was human transmutation. He shows them his watch proving he's a state alchemist and Pinako asks what business the military has there. Roy Mustang says he came because of a letter they had sent on their search for Hohenheim, but if they're able to perform human transmutation and live then they're more important to him, and they would make good state alchemists. Pinako tells him to go away. Mustang stares at Ed for a bit and then leaves letting them know his name and to come to central.

The next morning Winry comes into the room with a bowl of water to change the wet cloth on Edward's head. Once done with that she goes to mess around with Al who tells her good morning. Edward tells Pinako about money in the house to use for payment for automail, and that he's going to go and see Roy and become a state alchemist and he will need an arm and leg for that. Edward says he learned from his teacher that if he were a state alchemist he would have access to reading material he otherwise doesn't and that the watch amplifies alchemic power. Pinako asks if his teacher told him that when war breaks out he would be made to use his alchemy to kill people, and that state alchemists were involved in the war that took her son's life. Edward says he doesn't care if he becomes a dog of the military.

Things in a room shake and Winry asks Ed to bear with them that they're working with the highest quality stuff they have. Alphonse tries to peak into the room but is shooed out by Winry. Pinako is amazed that he's not crying out in pain as even grown adults do in that part of the procedure. Edward says the pain is nothing compard to Alphonse's. Alphonse stands near a lake and practices punching, he turns and asks Edward if he would like to spar. Edward who is walking over quotes his teacher about training the mind and body. He asks Alphonse if he'll be able to handle it in that body and Al says he won't lose to Automail. Edward begins to attack him and they begin sparring. Alphones asks if he's serious about becoming a state alchemist, Edward says he doesn't know if he'll become one but he'll at least go see Roy. When Edward doesn't back down from his plan Alphonse tells you that he'll become one too, and asks Edward if he's still planning on trying to get their mother back, and says that he had said they were wrong to. He then says he will become a state alchemist to get Ed's limbs back and Edward says he doesnt' need to. Alphonse however blames himself for not stopping Edward. Edward knocks him into the water and then tells him that he's going to try to get Al's body back and he will not try to bring their mother back because he could neer find anything equivalent to her. Alphonse tells him that he'll go with him because on his own he slacks off, and because he doesn't want to separated from him. Winry, Pinako and Den watch them from the trees.

The Elric house is in flames. Edward stands outside next to Al holding a flaming branch that he tosses into the flames. Alphonse says that what they were searching out was still forbidden human transmutation and if they failed they'd likely disappear from the world. There could be no turning back and that was why they had burned their house down.


The brother's reminisce on their childhood with their mother. They are young alchemic prodigies and spend their time learning alchemy from books and showing their mother as it makes her happy. One day however they return home and find her passed out on the floor. She later dies from her illness and the brothers set out to bring her back. However when they attempt to bring her back it goes wrong and Alphonse loses his entire body and Edward his left leg. Edward gives up his right arm to bind Alphonse's soul to a set of armor. After witnessing the transmutation from afar State Alchemist Roy Mustang visits the boys and tells them they should come see him in Central. Edward asks Pinako to give him automail prosthetics so he can go and try to become a state alchemist. Some time passes and the two brother's burn their house down and set off to become state alchemists and get their bodies back.

Episode 4 A Forger's Love

The brothers walk away from their burning house, Alphonse says that the day they left they burned it down. It then cuts to a shot of the countryside at sunrise, a train begins traveling across the screen. On the train Edward asks if Al is okay, with leaving the village and asks if he has any regrets. Alphonse assures him he is and asks Edward if he can handle it. Edward tells him that he’s excited because he’s going to become a State Alchemist. Alphonse says he feels the same way and that he will get Edward’s body back. Edward tells him to not worry about that and just focus on himself. Alphonse asks how they even become state alchemists. There’s a flashback to Mustang’s visit in the last episode and Edward says they’ll see him, and that with talent like his it’ll be easy. Edward asks Al if he’s worried about Winry. It then cuts to Winry and Pinako looking at the burnt remains of the Elric house. Pinako says there was nothing they could do and that they’ll be back. Winry standing next to her is crying.

Now at a train station, Ed and Al sit on a bench. Alphonse asks Ed if he knows which train they take next. Edward says it’s one in the morning and to get some sleep until then. A scream is heard from across the station, a robber begins running in the direction of the brothers holding a bag. The brothers go to confront the robber who points a gun at them. Alphonse activates a transmutation circle at his feet and trap the robber. A police officer comes up to the boys and asks if what Al just did was alchemy. Edward confirms and the officer is surprised that boys as young as them can do that. He then says that Majhal is the only alchemist around there. Edward asks about him and the officer tells them that he helps people and is respected. Edward asks where he is. The officer says the next village over but he shouldn’t go cause there’s a rumor that people are coming back to life and attacking the villagers.

Edward and Alphonse head over in a horse drawn carriage and Alphonse asks Ed if he knows Majhal. Edward says he saw the name among their father’s letters, and that he spoke of human transmutation so it couldn’t hurt to meet him. Alphonse agrees. Edward says Al seems very happy and Alphonse says that helping catch the robber and being able to help made him feel good. They arrive at the village, Edward complains about the seats asking Alphonse if he was bothered by them. They come across some decorations and Edward wonders if there’s a festival going on before a firework goes off behind them scaring them. A group of kids run up a hill and yell at Edward and Alphonse for being so close to where they’re setting off fireworks. They realize they’ve never seen them before and one of the kids points out how weird Alphonse’s armor is. They go to attack the brothers but Edward trips over a rock and Alphonse loses his balance trying not to fall on him but falls on him anyway breaking a pole on his way down. Majhal comes over asking what’s going on and then fixes the pole a bracelet he wears lighting up with the transmutation.

The brother’s go to Majhal’s house and Majhal instantly recognizes that Alphonse’s soul is bound to the armor. He says that they have inhereinted Hohenheim’s talent. He asks how he can help them. Edward asks about the human transmutation. Majhal says it’s forbidden but Edward says that he wants to get Al’s body back. Majhal says that the cost is too great. Edward asks why they talked about human transmutation. Their conversation is interrupted by a knock at the door. Majhal answers it and an older woman is at the door and she offers him some rose jam. He accepts the jam and she seems like she wants to speak to him more but doesn’t go through then leaves.

As Edward digs into dinner Alphonse asks about the festival. It’s said that the spirits of the dead are sent up on the fireworks. Edward asks about the rumors surrounding the village. Majhal says that it’s not true, then there’s another knock at the door. Clause the leader of the group of kids from earlier is there along with a man. Clause had been brought over to apologize but doesn’t want to saying it’s the brothers own fault for being weak. Majhal comments on how she’s changed since her sister died. Clause says that she was killed by the woman who comes back to life. Edward and Al run after her after she runs of. Clause almost falls into the river but Edward draws a transmutation circle in the dirt and turns the river to ice to save her. Clause then explains that her sister died half a year ago and that on the night of her funeral a woman who lived in the village a long time ago appeared. She says that she was the one who killed her sister. Then she asks the brothers to avenge her sister. Edward says that her story is unbelievable and that he doesn’t want to. Clause insults them, calling Edward a pipsqueak a bunch of times causing Edward to get angry while Alphonse sulks. Edward asks why she doesn’t dress like a girl and she says its none of their business and runs off.

With the group of kids Clause says that they’re going to catch Karin to prevent her from killing again. The older woman from earlier knocks over her bowl of soup.

Ed and Al walk through a graveyard at night and fall into a trap set by the group of children. Karin appears in the graveyard scaring off everyone but Clause, Ed and Al. Clause goes to attack her but Majhal gets in the way and sets her on fire. The sound that Edward heard earlier is heard as she burns. Lust from the edge of the graveyard calls Majhal a second rate and then walks away Edward notices her and watches her go.

The towns people celebrate Majhal killing her, meanwhile Ed and Al are back at his house. Edward is knocking on one of the walls and says that it wasn’t a zombie or human transmutation. The older woman finds them and says that Majhal will be cross with them. Edward asks what about her. She lifts her candle and Edward gets dizzy and falls into the wall revealing a hidden room before passing out. Majhal appears and uses his bracelet transmutation circle to take care of Al. Edward wakes up tied up to Alphonse. Majhal says that they’ve seen something they shouldn’t have and Edward says that he was the one behind the zombies. Majhal explains that he bonds the souls of the village girls to mannequins that look like Karin to try to recreate her. Edward asks why he would do that and Majhal says that she was the only woman he ever loved and that he decided to try to bring her back but couldn’t perform human transmutation. Edward refuses to help him and Majhal says that he’s like his father, then he turns around to find Clause who had come to thank him. He knocks her out and the older woman tries to stop him but he pushes her to the ground. Alphonse flexes the chains apart freeing the brothers and Edward goes to help the older woman and finds a blue petal in her hair.

Majhal is attempting to bond Clause’s soul to a mannequin but Edward comes and stops him saying that Karin was in front of him the whole time. That the older woman is Karin who had only lost her memory for a while and then returned when she remembered. Majhal doesn’t believe him. Majhal turns a screwdriver into a sword and goes to attack Edward. Alphonse protects him and Edward transmutes the rose into a whip of some sort. He knocks the sword from Majhal’s grasp and it flies around and then stabs him. Karin goes to help him but he only denies that she could be Karin and then stares at the mannequins as he dies. Karin screams and then we see the fireworks of the festival going off.

Edward and Alphonse sit at a bench and Edward asks Alphonse what’s wrong. Alphonse says that alchemy can also be used poorly, they then go to board a carriage. They’re stopped by Clause, her hair no longer hidden under a cap and wearing a dress, she apologizes. Edward asks who she is and Alphonse says she’s clause, they’re both surprised. Edward says she looks better in those clothes.


Edward and Alphonse begin their journey to East City to see Mustang and become state alchemists. During a layover the brothers help during a robbery and hear about an alchemist who lives in the next town named Majhal. Despite hearing rumors about the dead coming back to life they go to see him, Edward recognizing him as someone who used to send letters to their father about human transmutation. They meet a young girl named Clause who's sister was killed by the woman coming back to life. They also meet an older woman who sometimes comes to see Majhal. It's revealed that the dead coming back to life are results of Majhal bonding the souls of young women from the town to mannequins that look like Karin, a woman he had loved 20 years ago and believes is dead. He attempts to bond Clause's soul to one of the mannequins but is stopped by the brothers. Edward realized that the older woman is actually Karin. Majhal is infuriated by this and begins to attack the brothers. Edward accidentally causes Majhal's own sword to pierce him through the abdomen and he dies in Karin's arms still not believing it's her. Edward and Alphonse then leave the village in the morning.

Episode 5: The Man with the Mechanical Arm

Edward and Al are at a train station, Alphonse is looking at some food while Edward makes a phone call to Roy Mustang. He informs him that they’ll be boarding a train at 9:20 to Central. Mustang asks if there’s an earlier train and Edward confirms that there is but it’s already leaving the station. Mustang tells him to board that train and Edward rushes to get Al and they board the train as it’s leaving.

On the train Edward eats one of the buns that Alphonse had picked up and wonders what Mustang is like. On the seat behind him a little girl looks over at the brothers. Alphonse notices and waves to the girl causing her to hide. Alphonse asks Edward if he’s scary and Edward tells him that he’s not. We hear the little girl call Alphonse strange. Her mother tells her that it’s not nice to say that and the little girl continues that he must like armor a lot. Edward looks over the back of his seat and looks at the rest of the train. He says that there’s nothing strange about them and slides back down to his seat. The little girl waves at Alphonse again and Edward tells him that see she doesn’t find him scary. He notices that she sees his automail and shows it off to her.

In another part of the train a mother sits with her two kids asleep on her. Across from them is General Hakuro. Another military man comments on how it’s nice that they’re able to travel without incident. Hakuro comments on people saying the situation in the East is unstable. Outside the room Warrant Officer Falman and another man stand. Falman says that the higher ups sure take it easy. He then asks the other man where Hughes is and the other man says that he’s talking to Mustang about the other matter. Down the hall in another room Hughes sits lounging and tells Mustang that his wife has gotten even prettier since becoming pregnant. Mustang hangs up on him and Hughes complains about the phones not working. Falman watches from a window in the door and complains about him. He leaves to go do another round and Hughes asks Mustang what he would do if the baby came tomorrow. Mustang tells him he should talk about that with his wife. Hawkeye picks up another phone joining in the conversation and yells at him that the baby won’t be born after just 5 months. The train goes through a tunnel and Hughes complains about not being able to hear well.

Falman walks into the train car with Ed and Al in it and sees Al and notes that it’s suspicious. Meanwhile with Hughes and Mustang, Mustang asks Hughes if he’s seen anyone suspicious. Hughes tells him that he hasn’t. Another phone rings and Hughes answers it. Falman tells him that he’s found someone suspicious and they’re wearing armor. Mustang tells him that he’s fine and there should be a short guy with him. Falman checks and notes that there is a very short guy with him. This wakes Edward up and he yells at Falman. Falman tries to tell Edward that he didn’t say the ridiculous claims Edward made up and two men get up and point their guns at Falman. Falman aims his gun at one and the man behind him knocks him out. The two men tell everyone to put their hands up. Outisde Hakuro’s room a man is shot and then a man begins shooting at the military man with them. A man with an eyepatch walks up to the room and greets Hakuro.

With Hughes, Mustang is trying to find out what’s happening, but Hughes hangs up the phone and sneaks out of the room making the train terrorists think it isn’t being used. Hawkeye asks if it’s them after all, then the phone rings. Mustang picks it up and is told it’s an emergency call from Hakuro. Hakuro begins talking but the man with the eyepatch takes the phone away from him. He introduces himself as Bald of the Eastern Liberation Front and they’ve taken control of the train. Mustang asks what his demands are. Bald says that they lost contact with someone who was supposed to have delivered a statement to him. Mustang asks what he’s talking about. Bald tells him to bring their leader in Prison to Central station and they’ll exchange prisoners. Mustang agrees and tells him not to kill anyone. Hawkeye asks if he’s sure about what he’s just done, but Mustang assures her that things will work out fine.

Bald threatens Hakuro and everyone on the train. In Ed and Al’s train car the hijackers are patting people down. They notice the brothers and begin to walk towards them with their guns pointed at them. Edward fakes seeing something behind one of the men and they turn around, with the distraction the brothers knock them out. One of the other passengers asks what they do now that they’ve done that, and if they hadn’t resisted they could have gotten to Central safely. One of the men gets up and points his gun at the young girl and her mother. He goes to shoot but Alphonse steps on his back and the bullet misses. Ed asks if they’re ok and the mother says that they are. Edward tells the little girl that they’ll handle it.

Falman comes out from under one of the seats. Edward begins to free him and Falman asks who they are. Edward says that they’re just alchemists and Falman tells them he’s a solider. Edward is surprised and Falman tells them that he’s dressed the way he is because of people in the first car. Edward asks if that’s who the hijackers are after and Falman nods. Edward tells Al he’ll take them from above and for him to stay below and handle them with Falman. Edward gets to the top of the train and begins walking.

In the train one of the hijackers gets a call from someone in another car and they go to investigate. They find Alphonse and begin shooting, bullets richocheting and hurting them.

With Bald one of his men tells him that contact from behind has been cut off. Hakuro tells them to give up and release everyone. Bald shoots his ear and tells him they’re the one giving orders and then tells his men to investigate the other cars.

On top of the train Edward gets knocked off balance by a tree branch and almost falls off the train, but is caught by Hughes. Hughes tells him he’s heard of him from Mustang and then says Edward’ll be helping him out. Edward causes a distraction on one side of the train and Hughes sneaks in on the other side and the attack the men. One of the hijackers sees Edward trying to climb up the side of the train and begins shooting. Edward ducks back down and draws a transmutation circle on the side to create a canon to shoot at him. One of the conductors tells him to not mess with the tender.

The hijacker who had been shot at with the canon tells Bald that he shouldn’t go up above and another tells him that contact has been cut off everywhere. Edward transmutes a way to tell the hijackers to let the hostages go. Bald asks if he’s one of Mustang’s secret agents and that if he interferes he’ll kill the hostages. A water pipe is transmuted and Edward tells the hostages to take cover and water comes out of the pipe flooding the train and despositing several of the terrorists at the end of the car to Alphonse who is ready to beat them up. Bald is still in the car and Hughes sees him and tells him to not move. He does and Hughes throws a knife at him, he shoots at Hughes and hits his shoulder. Bald threatens to kill him but Edward attacks him before he can. Edward notices he also has automail and Bald asks if the military is using children now. Bald tell shim he used to be in the military and they didn’t like him getting a gun arm so they let him go. This made Bald want to crush the military and that Edward must have wanted to be stronger too. Edward says that his arm is nothing like Bald’s and crushes it, then Alphonse comes up behind him and punches him. Edward and Alphonse shoot each other a thumbs up.

The train arrives to Central Station where military personnel are waiting. The hijackers are tied up and Mustang walks up to Bald and says that no one was killed just like he asked. Bald frees himself with a knife from his arm and goes to attack Mustang, but Mustang snaps his fingers and burns Bald. Edward runs up to him and asks why he had the brothers get on th train if he was aware of the hijackers. Mustang tells him that Fuhrer has heard of this and will let him take the state alchemist exam. Edward says that he said they would be able to take it, Mustang says there’s no way they would let a child take a military test like that and isn’t he glad that Mustang had him get on that train, though whether or not they take it is still up to them. Edward yells at him that they will.

Across the train station the little girl from the train calls out to them and waves and thanks them. They smile and wave back.


Mustang has the Elric brothers board an earlier train than they intend to. On the train the brothers meet a young girl. On that train General Hakuro and his family are traveling for vacation and have several other members of the military there to insure their safety. In this episode we meet Warrant Officer Falman and Major Hughes, who are helping with the safety of General Hakuro. Hughes talks about his wife to Mustang for awhile while Falman inspects the cars. After Falman mistakes the brothers as suspicious people and checks them again after Mustang tells them that they're ok the train is hijacked. The train is hijacked by a group known as the Eastern Liberation front and they use the train as hostages to bargain with Mustang for the release of their leader. Edward, Alphonse and Hughes work together to defeat the hijackers and save the hostages. They arrive in Central Station where Mustang burns Bald, the leader of the hijackers showing off his power. Mustang tells the boys that the Fuhrer has heard of their exploits and will allow them to take the test, to Edward's surprise as he thought he would be able to take it all along. The episode ends with the brothers waving at the young girl they met on the train.

Episode 6: The Alchemist Exam

The episode opens up with a shot of Central HQ. Mustang asks Edward if thye’ve made up their minds to take the exam. Edward confirms and says he’ll even wag his tail. Mustang hands him a clipboard with some papers on it about Shou Tucker the Sewing Life Alchemist. Mustang says he’s the authority on transmuting bodies. Al narrates that they spent the time leading up to the exam living with him.

Mustang tells the boys that 2 years ago Shou Tucker transmuted a talking chimera and has taken the state alchemist exam. Mustang tells them that the chimera was created using multiple creatures and could understand and speak. He then tells them that he also has a 4 year old. Al asks if he has a wife and Mustang ignores the question and just says that they’re here. The boys are amazed at just how large Tucker’s house is. As they walk up to the door a dog jumps out of the bushes and lands on Edward. The door opens and a little girl, Nina, scolds the dog Alexander, behind her, her father Tucker is standing and he apologizes.

Inside the house books litter the floor and Tucker apologizes for the mess saying they don’t have a woman’s touch around there. Nina comments on how weird Al’s armor is, and asks if it’s heavy. Alphonse tells her that he’s very strong and Tucker looks at him surprised. Mustang tells him they’ll have time for him to learn their natures but for now to just accept them as they are. Tucker gets Nina to go outside to play with Alexander. Tucker tells the boys that he’ll help them with anything. Edward asks to see the talking chimera, Al agrees. Tucker tells them that it died not long after it was made, then changes the subject telling them that working to pass the test comes first.

Tucker shows them the materials room which is full of books. The brothers marvel at how many there are in the room. Tucker says they’re just a fraction of what the Central Library has and that if they pass the test they’ll have access to a lot more information. Edward has meanwhile run across the room and already begun to read a book.

At dinner, Tucker asks Edward how his studies are going and Edward tells him he’s making progress but there’s a lot of stuff that he didn’t know. Tucker tells him that the test is hard even for adults, but that they’re young so they shouldn’t make themselves worry about taking it that year. Edward tells him that he has to take it that year. Nina notices that Alphonse hasn’t eaten and tells him to eat handing him what appears to be a whole potato. Alphonse gives in and pretends to eat it and Edward looks upset next to him. Nina tells Alphonse to eat another.

In bed, Alphonse asks Edward if he’s still awake which Edward confirms. Alphonse tells him he’s sure he’ll pass the test and that he should get some sleep. Alphonse narrates saying that they wanted nothing more than to become state alchemists and that once they did they felt that some kind of path would open for them.

Edward sits reading a book and a clock chimes. He puts down the book realizing it was that late already. He called out to Alphonse and Alexander is heard barking. Edward goes outside to find Al Nina and Alexander playing in the snow and joins them. Nina tells them that she wishes they would stay even after they pass the test. Edward draws a transmutation circle in the snow and transmutes a flower crown for Nina. Hughes walks up to the yard and tells Edward he’s come to pick him up for his birthday. Edward asks how he knows and Hughes says he’s in the investigations department, and they should come along his wife is waiting. Nina gets invited along as well.

Hughes introduces them to his wife Gracia who is heavily pregnant, to the amazement of the kids. Gracia asks if they want to feel Al and Edward freak out and say no, but Nina says yes and is amazed at the feeling of the baby moving. There are then flashes of images of the party. Gracia brings over some tea and then collapses to the ground. Hughes rushes to her side and asks what’s wrong. She tells him that the baby is coming and everyone else stares in shock. Hughes says that the baby isn’t due yet. Gracia tells him that the baby says it’s coming now. Hughes goes to get a doctor as there’s a blizzard outside. Edward tries to stop him but Hughes runs out. Gracia apologizes to everyone.

Edward brings a tub of hot water into the living room, Gracia is laying down on the couch and thanks him. Alphonse asks what else she’ll need and Gracia tells Alphonse she’ll need towels. Alphonse starts to leave to get towels but Gracia begins making pain noises?? Stopping him in his tracks. Alphonse looks out the window and says the doctor is taking a long time. Gracia says she’s dying and all the kids freak out, Alphonse repeating to Ed that she said she’s dying and Edward just as panicked tries to deny it. Her screams die off as she passes out for a moment, causing Nina to scream and all of them to freak out even more. Edward tries to tell them all that she just lost consciousness. Alphonse says that if you think about it like alchemy it’s expensive to create a new life. Edward yells at him that childbirth isn’t alchemy.

Gracia wakes up and groans. Alphonse is relieved and asks her if she’s ok. Edward frustrated claps his hands together and wonders what they should do. Nina tells him that the water is cold and Edward goes to grab the tub and heats up the water. Alphonse asks what he did and Edward tells him nothing. Alphonse wonders how the water heated up without Edward using a transmutation circle. Gracia then yells that the baby is coming. The children freak out and wonder what they should do.

The camera pans on a residential street and the cries of a baby can be heard. Inside the Hughes house, the baby is born and fine, being held by Gracia. Hughes is crying beside her telling her Outstanding. The children watch Gracia and the baby in wonder. A doctor is there and wipes his hands on a towel. Gracia thanks them all. Edward tries to say that they didn’t do anything but Gracia tells them that they stayed by her side.

In bed later at the Tucker household Edward talks about how alchemy didn’t do anything to help them, and that mothers are awesome. That they can do something alchemists can’t do. Alphonse says their mother did the same, and wonders if he was that warm and soft when he was born. Edward tells him that of course he was, and looks at his brother sadly for a moment before looking away.

Al then narrates that after that they focused more on their alchemy.

Alphonse brings up when Edward heated up the water without a transmutation circle and Edward tells him it was just a fluke. Alphonse says that it was amazing that he needs to work harder. Edward tells him he’ll quiz him. Alphonse narrates that the exam was getting nearer.

Tucker tells the boys about the exam, it’s held every year and has a written portion, an interview, and then a practical skills portion, and that only 1 or 2 people pass a year. Alphonse asks about the interview portion, Tucker tells him that for him it was just answering questions but for some people, there may also be a physical examination. Alphonse appears worried at the mention of the physical exam. Tucker then explains that during the practicals half of the people bring results and half show off their skills there. He asks them what they’re going to do. In their room, they begin to worry, Edward about what to do for the practicals and Alphonse about a physical exam. Edward tells Al that he’s sure that Mustang will come up with a solution for them.

The test day came, and we see a room, similar to a college lecture classroom. Fuhrer Bradley hits a gavel and the exam begins. Outside of the room, Nina waits with Alexander. People begin to leave and at the end Alphonse and Edward exit the building. Nina runs up to them and asks them how they did. Edward says he didn’t make it to the last question, Alphonse says he got through it but that the interview comes next.

Mustang sets down a book and tells Hawkeye that he hadn’t expected the younger brother to pass too. Hawkeye asks if there’s a problem.

Mustang tells Alphonse that he can’t continue and he gets angry. Mustang tells him that it’s the only thing they can do if they want to keep hiding their past. Alphonse however isn’t pleased with that and tells Mustang he wants to stay by his brother. Edward tries to tell him that it’s ok, that State Alchemists have to help in wars and hurt people, and that it’ll be enough for him to pass the test and become the state alchemist.

Edward walks into a room that lights up and reveals a chair with 3 legs, and he must sit on it. Several judges watch him, one of them Fuhrer Bradley. He sits on it with no problem. He is then asked why he wants to become a state alchemist. He pauses for a moment and then tells them that he made a promise to a family member to become one.

That night Edward asks Al if they made the right choice. Al says he doesn’t know, but he does know that he wants to be able to feel him again. Then he says it’s weird how they’re always together but he doesn’t remember what it feels like to touch Edward.

It’s then the morning of the practicals, Edward, Alphonse, Nina, and Alexander all stand outside the building. Edward says he’s going and begins to walk towards the building, Nina stops him and gives him a drawing she made, and that it’ll help him grant his wish.

The area of the practicals is full of various materials for transmutations, and Bradley tells them they can make anything they’d like. Edward worries about what he’ll make. A man makes a very large building, but then can’t stand up. Another man throws several trees and some water together and creates a giant balloon. Outside Nina sits on Al’s shoulders and hopes that Edward is doing well. Alphonse assures her that he is and they see the giant balloon. Everyone is amazed at the giant balloon, but it soon pops and runs into the giant building. It causes the building to begin to fall apart, and rubble nearly crushes the first man. Edward without using a circle performs alchemy, turning everything into a giant ring of flowers and petals fall. Edward passes the exam.

The kids head home, and Edward tells Al that he’s going to stop wavering and go forward, and he’ll get his body back. Alphonse tells him they’ll get his body back too.


The Elric brothers stay with a man named Shou Tucker and his 4 year old daughter Nina while they study for the state alchemist exam.Shou Tucker is an alchemist who creates chimeras and passed the State Alchemist exam 2 years ago by creating a talking chimera. Hughes throws Edward a birthday party, and his wife Gracia goes into labour. The children are left to try to help Gracia through labour. Edward transmutes a tub of water without a circle revealing to the brotehrs that's possible. Alphonse has to drop out of the exam because of the possibility of a physical which would reveal his secret. Edward saves a man from being crushed by rubble, using alchemy without a circle again and passing the state alchemist exam.

Episode 7: Night of the Chimera's Cry

The episode opens with a shot of Central HQ. Inside Mustang tosses Edward his silver pocket watch, and congratulates him on being a dog of the military now. He then tells Havoc to take him home. Back at the Tuckers Alphonse plays with Nina and Alexander, inside the home Tucker stands alone in a dark room watching from the window, he then whispers Nina’s name.

In the car with Havoc, Edward is pouting and looking out the window. Havoc tells him not to make that face and that Mustang is currently busy dealing with a serial killer case. Edward says that’s a job for the police isn't it. Havoc says that if it goes on for too long in the military’s backyard it becomes a matter of honor. Edward mumbles that he’s after a promotion again and the car suddenly screeches to a stop throwing Edward forward. Havoc defends Mustang saying that if he only went after promotions they wouldn’t follow him. Edward asks what he means and Havoc tells him he’ll see soon enough.

They reach the Tucker’s and Edward shows off his watch. Alexander steals it and Edward chases him around the yard to get it back. Havoc talks to Tucker about how amazing it is that Edward passes the test, and Tucker remarks on how prodigies do exist. Tucker tells the kids they’ll be having a feast to celebrate Edward passing the test. He invites Havoc but Havoc declines as he still has work to do. Havoc then reminds Tucker that assessment day is coming up.

At Dinner Edward asks about the assessment and Tucker explains that once a year he has to show the military his research results so he can stay a state alchemist. He tells that last year he didn’t do so well so he needs to do well this year. Alphonse brings up the talking chimera, and Edward asks to be able to see it once he finishes it. Tucker promises he’ll let them see it.

Edward and Alphonse are sitting quietly together in a room, the door opens and Nina comes in. She finds Edward writing a letter and asks to who, Edward hides it. Alphonse says it’s to Winry, and Edward tells him it’s just a report to let her know that he’s become a state alchemist. Nina asks if Winry is his girlfriend. Alphonse keeps teasing him and Edward vehemently denies that Winry is his girlfriend. Nina says that she’s going to write a letter to her mom.

Alphonse asks for confirmation that her mom lives far away. Nina confirms and says that her mother called her dad a good for nothing and went to live with her parents. She then says that she hopes that she replies. Alphonse gets up and pats her on the head.

Nina has fallen asleep on a drawing of her family, Tucker comes over and picks her up. Alphonse hands him the drawing as well. Tucker tells them that his wife couldn’t stand being poor and left them, just before he became a state alchemist. And that if he loses his certification they’ll go back to that life, so he needs to pass. Nina wishes him good luck.

It quickly cuts to a shot of Tucker standing in a dark room with harsh white light behind him, his glasses do the anime thing.

Edward goes to take Alexander on a walk and finds the drawing Nina had made partly burnt. He goes to the library and asks the woman at the counter for information about the chimera that Tucker had made two years prior. She asks a woman named Sheska about them. Sheska tells him that Tucker’s reports are restricted. Edward tries to use his position as a State Alchemist to see them. Sheska tells him that that’s not enough and he would need permission from General Grand. The woman at the counter tells him about General Grand, and if he needs his permission then it’s a military secret.

Edward leaves the library and outside finds that the man guarding the front is keeping a man from entering as he’s not a state alchemist. The man tells him that this is the only place he would find out. Edward grabs his arm to try to stop him telling him that those are the rules. The man keeps walking forward and Edward accidentally rips off his shirt sleeve revealing a tattoo going all the way up his arm. He then runs off and ends up in an alleyway. He wonders to himself why his brother put the tattoo, some sort of alchemy circle on him.

With Edward, he’s at the Hughes’ house where Maes Hughes is holding Elicia and introducing her to Ed. Gracia comes and grabs Elicia so Hughes will listen to Edward. Hughes is dramatic for a moment before talking to Edward about Tucker’s chimera. Edward says that he thought he might know something, and Hughes says that he could just ask Tucker himself. Edward lies saying that he’s so busy now. Hughes admits that he doesn’t know much, he knows that Tucker is said to be the first person to create a talking chimera, and the only thing the chimera said was that it wanted to die. It then didn’t eat and died. Edward wonders why he would create something like that. Hughes doesn’t know but says that someone in the military thought it had some value. Edward then asks about Tucker’s wife. Hughes says that she died before they came to Central. Edward gasps at that and Hughes asks if he’s wrong. The phone then rings and Hughes answers it, learning that the serial killer struck again.

At the scene of the crime, a child cries for his mother. Riza is with the child trying to comfort him, while Edward, Hughes, Mustang, and Havoc stand back. The adult men talk about how this is the 5th victim and they still don’t know anything. Hawkeye lifts the kid up, but he keeps a hold on the blanket that was put over his mother, Revealing the corpse. Edward sees it and is reminded of what he and Al transmuted when they tried to bring their mother back. He begins to panic and passes out.

He wakes up in his bed at the Tucker’s house. Tucker is sitting on a chair reading at his bedside. He says that he must have seen something terrible, and that he had been calling for his mother and apologizing the whole time. Edward gasps, and that he had his suspicions since he saw the brothers’ bodies.

Alphonse is playing with Nina as a military car pulls up to the house. General Grand steps out. In Ed and Al’s room Tucker is still talking with Edward about what they had done. He says that what they did was forbidden but he understands how they must have felt. They then hear Alphonse asking someone who they are.

Edward and Tucker come downstairs, to find military members at the door. General Grand says that he doesn’t know what Mustang told Edward but matters concerning Shou Tucker are under his jurisdiction, and his research is very secret. Edward and Alphonse have to leave the house, Nina asks where they’re going and Alphonse tells her they’ll come back to play with her.

With General Grand and Tucker, Grand asks if it doesn’t aggravate him and that he heard that when Edward showed off his circleless alchemy, the Fuhrer praised him. Because of him Mustang got some more points. Tucker apologizes for worrying him. Grand talks about how he had to smooth things over for Tucker the year prior, but he needs to do better this year, or give up his current life. He then tells him his assessment will happen the day after tomorrow.

Tucker sits alone in a dark room. Nina comes in and asks if he’s ok. Tucker hugs her and tells her this is the end of the line.

Outside the Tucker house, two guards stand. They get tied up and Edward and Alphonse sneak inside the house. Alphonse asks if doing this results in Edward losing his State Alchemist license, Edward says if there’s nothing there it’ll be fine with him. They walk down into the basement where there are many cages full of chimeras. Tucker calls for them to come over to him and come into the room. The walls are covered in transmutation circles. Tucker shows off another chimera one that can speak. Tucker gets the chimera to say a few things, Alphonse is impressed but Edward stands with his head low. Tucker says that he got it done just in time and now he doesn’t need to worry. The chimera looks at Edward, who kneels down. The chimera pulls out his watch and says his name, then calls him big brother. Edward gets to his feet and asks when he first created a chimera that could talk. Tucker tells him two years ago. Edward then asks when his wife left. He says two years ago. Edward then asks if letters still reach his wife, and where are Nina and Alexander. Tucker sighs and says he hates perceptive kids like him. Alphonse is surprised as Edward tells him that first, it was his wife and now Nina and Alexander. Tucker asks what he’s so upset about. Edward asks him how he thought he could get away with toying with people's lives. Tucker laughs and says that he’s toyed with people's lives too. Alphonse grabs Edward’s hand to keep him from punching Tucker, and then asks him why he did it. Tucker tells him he had no reason he just wanted to see if he could. He then tells Edward they’re the same, that they want to use the power they have. Edward punches him and tells him that he’s not like that, and continuously punches Tucker until Nina grabs his jacket growling. He tries to assure Nina to things will be ok, and gets ready to try to separate her and Alexander. Both Alphonse and Tucker stop him, Tucker telling him that no one can undo the transmutation, and to not do to her what he did to his mother. Nina turns to Alphonse and asks to play.

Military men rush into the basement led by General Grand who asks what’s going on. Edward tells him that he used his own daughter. Grand frowns.

Tucker is led into a military vehicle and Grand tells Edward that Tucker and Nina will be dealt with a court-martial., and he’s not to talk about what happened. Edward gets angry and accuses him of hiding the evidence. Grand hits Edward and he falls to the ground. Edward gets angry and says he won’t let them get away, transmuting the ground and sending the military car onto it’s side. Nina escapes and the brothers chase after her.

Nina finds the man from the library and walks up to him. The man touches Nina’s face and his tattoo lights up, letting him know what Nina is. He prays to god and creates a transmutation. Edward and Alphonse finally reach the alleyway only to discover that Nina is dead, nothing more than a blood splatter on a wall.

The man from the library has already left the scene and he thinks to God that he has found the reason his brother gave him that arm. To destroy the alchemists who have strayed from god.

At the scene of the crime, Alphonse wonders who did it. Edward apologizes to Nina and breaks into tears as it starts to rain.


Edward gets his silver pocketwatch, proof that he's a State Alchemist now. They brothers learn that Tucker didn't do well on his assessment to stay a State Alchemist the year prior and that he has to do really well this year. Edward hears from Nina that her mother left them because she was tired of being poor, as she draws a picture of her family to send to her mother. Edward later finds this same picture partly burnt, which causes him to begin looking into the chimera that Tucker had created 2 years ago. The information is a military secret that he cannot access. General Grand finds out about Edward's snooping and removes the boys from the home. They later sneak in to find that Tucker has created a new chimera, out of Nina and their dog Alexander. Edward beats him up as Tucker says that they're the same as he has learned about Edward's attempt at human transmutation. Tucker and Nina are taken away but Edward stops them. Nina runs into a man who kills her. The boys stumble across her remains and Edward sobs as the episode ends.

Episode 8: The Philosopher's Stone

The episode opens up to a shot of Nina's remains on the wall. We hear a clap and then Edward's hands touch the wall as he cries. Behind him Alphonse watches silently.

Around the alleyway there are cars and military men. In one of the cars Riza comments on how if there are any acts of the devil this is it. Roy responds that state alchemists are human weapons for the military and when ordered must dirty their hands, and that there's not much difference between them and Tucker.

Riza says that's the reasoning of adults, but not for Ed and Al.

In the alleyway Edward is still clapping his hands and pressing them against the wall. Alphonse gets his attention to tell him that Mustang is there. Mustang tells him it's a lost cause that you can't bring the dead back to life, and that worse things than this await him and they must move forward.

Edward gets angry at that, Mustang goes to grab his wrist and Edward flinches. Mustang tells him that he has something to accomplish and he can't keep standing still.

Hughes steps out of a car and complains that he won't be able to take a bath with his daughter (in the dub it's that he won't be able to kiss her goodnight I believe. A change that makes a lot of sense, even knowing how different japanese culture is surrounding baths this took me by surprise for a second lmao.) Mustang tells Edward that from there on out the investigations department will be taking over and he should leave. Edward runs past Hughes who asks Mustang if it's the work of the serial killer. It's pointed out the serial killer usually targets young ladies, and carves them up, and this crime looks like she was blown up from the inside.

We take a moment to focus on Edward who is clearly emotionally struggling.

Edward and Alphonse sit outside Tucker's house, Edward fidgets with his pocket watch flicking it open and closed. Suddenly something catches Edward's attention.

Havoc leads Edward through the house and Edward tells him that he feels like he's at his wits end and that he thought he was over wavering. He then asks about some orders he's been given. Havoc opens some doors revealing a bunch of chimeras in cages. Havoc tells him he's to sort through the materials and organize them and familiarize himself with Tucker's research. Edward asks if he's being told to take over Tucker's research. Havoc says that Tucker went about it the wrong way but he did have findings that benefitted the military. Edward tells him they should have Tucker deal with it then. Havoc tells Edward that he's dead and he was already executed because he was so guilty. Edward gets angry that they covered up the crime. Havoc says that the main principle of State Alchemists is pledging their loyalty to the military. He then hands Edward a book and walks off.

Alphonse moves some books and then we see the room now nearly cleaned out. Edward sits across the room from Al looking at a cage with a chimera in it. Alphosne comments on how Tucker seemed to be doing research on the philosopher's stone. Edward says that's nice, clearly very disinterested. We get a close up of him and see he seems to be feeding the chimera. Alphonse asks Edward how long he's going to sulk, and that the philospher's stone is the ultimate secret to alchemists. He explains how the philosopher's stone gives a person a lot of power to do things they can't. Edward tosses the bag full of food for the chimeras at Al. Edward yells that it's just a fairy tale. Alphonse begins to talk about how if Tucker who was a State Alchemist was researching it, but is cut off by Edward yelling asking if he's forgotten about what he did to Nina. He then runs out of the room.

Edward is now in Mustang's office, he has been denied something. Edward wants to help find the serial killer because it might have been them who killed Nina. Mustang asks about the task he was given to look into Tucker's research. Edward tells him he doesn't want to do that and he'll just investigate on his own. Mustang tells him he will have to leave his watch behind then and Edward tells him he was intending to and slams it on his desk.

Edward stomps out of the building and Alphonse tells him that he's not the only one upset about Nina, but they're alchemists they don't catch criminals. They should do more research so if what happened to Nina happens to someone else they can save them. Edward runs ahead.

Edward walks alone down the street and runs into the man from the library, they recognize each other. The man asks Edward if he's a state alchemist. Edward tells him he was but he's not anymore. The man tells him he's better off. He thinks to himself as he walks away it's better for him because he won't have to destroy him.

Winry walks off a train and says to herself that Ed and Al will be so surprised she came all this way to congratulate them.

Alphonse is talking to Hawkeye who tells him that she doesn't know much about the philosopher's stone, and she thought it was just a legend. She tells him that he shouldn't focus on such a thing and that it's said that bad things happen to those who get close to the stone.

Behind Alphonse we can see Bradley listening in on the conversation. He speaks up surprising them both. Hawkeye salutes and Al asks who he is. He asks Al if he wants to obtain the philosopher's stone which Al answers affirmatively, then Bradley asks him why. Alphonse almosts tells him for human transmutation but catches himself and tells him it's to recover something his brother lost. Bradley says that he must think highly of his brother and Alphonse gets sheepish. Bradley tells him that there are many people who believe in the stone, and he sometimes hears stories of people successfuly creating one. That rumors like that gather around the military, and there should be records in the first branch library that only state alchemists can access. Alphonse then comments that a state alchemist would be able to verify whether the rumors are true, before bowing and leaving.

Hawkeye asks Bradley why he would listen in on their conversation. Bradley tells her that it's good for the youth to pursue their dreams. he then asks what she thinks, and she replies sure.

At the military cafeteria Edward has gotten himself some food and sits at a table alone. He sets his food aside and pulls out a book to read. Suddenly a photograph of the Hughes family is shoved in front of his face. Hughes asks what Edward thinks, if Elicia takes after him, and everyone says she does.

Edward gets angry and tells him not to bother him. Hughes tells him there's no need for talk like that when he's showing him classified information on the serial killer. Edward tells him that he owes him two, one for the train hijacking, and one for delivering his baby. Hughes says that they're at a standstill then, and that crimes happen in the city but there are no witnesses. The bodies are sliced and no one belives the serial killer could do it in such a short time. Edward brings up the possibility of the serial killer killing them and then place the bodies, and asks how much time has passed since death. Hughes steals some of his bread and tells him that not even the investigators are certain, and that they've checked the trunk of every car coming into the city. Edward says that there must be a blind spot. Hughes suggests the killer could be an alchemist. Edward gets angry at this and yells at Hughes that alchemists aren't murderers, Hughes shrugs and Edward calms down.

Someone comes up to the table and asks if Ed is Edward Elric and tells him there's a visitor for him.

A woman walks into the military cafeteria kitchen hauling a bag and she is thanked by the chef. She asks if the military held their state alchemit exam. The chef tells her that they did and a 12 year old passed the test, that they say that he just needs to clap his hands and he can transmute. He points out Edward as he and Hughes leave the cafeteria saying he's just a kid. He then tells the woman to watch out for the serial killer. She asks if he's worried about her and he says sure, blush on his cheeks. She says that she hopes the serial killer is caught soon. She asks if he's heard anything else.

We then see Winry sitting on some steps messing with a screw wondering how long Edward will keep her waiting. She then notices a refrigerated truck and begins to marvel at it wishing she could dismantle it. The woman from the kitchen shows up and says she's afraid that would put her out. Winry asks if it's her truck and she confirms, it's her food shop's delivery truck. She opens the back door and tosses in a bag. Winry stares inside amazed, and the woman asks if she'd like to look inside and Winry happily agrees. The woman smiles sinisterly.

The military man and Edward walk up to where Winry was to find her gone. Edward walks forward and finds a screw that matches the ones on his automail confirming she was there. Edward asks the man if a car was there. The man confirms saying that refrigerated trucks are always stopping there to deliver to the cafeteria. Edward begins to piece things together, a truck that could hide bodies, and he runs off.

Edward finds the truck in an alleyway and wanders into the fridge full of animal carcasses hanging from the ceiling. He finds the woman from earlier huddled up in a corner and runs to her asking if she's okay. He asks if she was kidnapped too, and she nods and points across the room saying someone else is there too. Edward says they'll get them and get out of there. The woman stands up holding a bat, Edward assures her she'll be ok, before seeing the bat and is prompty hit and knocked out with it.

Edward wakes up to the sound of tools. The woman has been sharpening a butcher knife. Edward begins to struggle chained to a chair, before realizing that his arm is gone. Suddenly the woman's voice is deeper and she says that she heard he can transmute without cirlces, and she lifts his arm and says just to be safe. Then she takes off a wig revealing short hair and he introduces himself as Barry. Barry tells Edward he'll show him something he'll like. He pushes on one of the carcasses and Winry becomes visible, tied up and gagged. Barry tells him he's going to dissect her and he should watch. Edward tells him to stop and asks why he's doing this. Barry tells him it's because he enjoys it. Winry begins to struggle and Barry says the first person he killed was his wife during an argument. That it felt good to chop her up and he wanted to chop up more people and for everyone to see.

Edward begins to carve into the back of the chair using Winry's screw. He asks Barry how he could kill someone like that. Barry says given the opportunity anyone will kill, and that it's even easier during war. Barry asks him why he thinks that is, Edward says he doesn't know and Barry drives his cleaver into Edward's left shoulder. Barry tells him it's because people want to kill each other. That he saw State Alchemists kill with ease. Edward thinks back to his mother dying, the transmutation, and Nina's death, denying Barry's words.

He finishes the circle and transmutes the chains apart. Barry tries to attack him with the cleaver, and Edward shoots to the side, terrified. He kicks a metal beam into his hands. Barry tries to attack him again but Ed raises his left boot to block. Barry begins to chase him around the fridge, eventually cornering Edward who begins to flail with the metal beam. He manages to cut Barry's hand. Edward takes the opportunity to run and tries to free Winry. Barry catches up and Edward bumps into the table knocking his arm off the table. He grabs it and begins to run.

Edward trips over a carcass and shoves his arm into the port and screams in pain. Barry then finds him and Edward in a panic claps his hands together and transmutes his arm into a blade and raises his arm to defend himself. During the commotion the line Winry is tied to gets bumped and she runs into one of the carcasses. Edward who has been just protecting himself from Barry's wild slashes finally gets an open window as one of the carcasses runs into Barry. Edward goes to stab him and is stopped by Alphonse. Edward panicked, turns around and slashes at Alphonse. Al tells him it'll take more than that to kill him.

Military men rush into the fridge and Barry gives up.

Alphonse asks Edward if it hurts. Edward tells him that he thought he was going to die and that he was very scared. Winry watches as she is freed.

Alphonse narrates over shots of everything being handled that Hughes had realized that it was trucks from that shop that kept missing inspections. That afterward the case of Barry the Chopper became famous and Edward's first achievement.

Edward sits with a blanket wrapped around him, Alphonse sits next to him and tells him the philosopher's stone might exist, but to find out he needs to be a state alchemist. He then tells him that because he has no body he can't feel the terror Edward felt thinking he was going to die, and it must have been painful and lonely. Alphonse says he wants to be human again, even if it means going against the flow of the world. Edward tells him that when he thought he was going to die all he could do was scream and his mind had gone blank. He hadn't even thought anyone would save him.

Winry, Hawkeye, and Mustang watch the brothers as Edward tells Alphonse they'll have their hands full trying to get their bodies back. That he doesn't care if it means being a dog of the military or cursed as the devil he doesn't care. That they aren't devils and even less gods, they're only humans, tiny insignificant humans who couldn't save Nina. He puts his head in his hands as he begins to cry and Winry begins to cry watching him.

In Mustang's office Edward stands in front of Mustang's desk. Edward tells him he'll do his duties and in exchange he would like to be told everything about the philosopher's stone, and when he has no other duties that he be allowed to search for it.

Mustang asks him if he's sure he wants people to learn that they had committed the taboo, and his brother would be brought to a lab. That's the threat he could use to keep him in line. Edward stares at him, he has bags under his eyes, a bandage on his forehead, he looks miserable. Mustang tells him that he just needs to report to him everything he finds out about the stone. He then tells him that he's been given a title from the Fuhrer. Edward has been given the name Fullmetal.

Mustang explains that State Alchemists are given the watch and a second name, and his is fullmetal. Edward tells him it has an oppressive feel and he'll take it.

Winry, Ed and Al all walk down a street. Winry tells Ed he's going to have to buy her all sorts of things. Edward says she has it backwards, Winry says that she fixed his arm. Suddenly her smile falls. Alphonse tells Ed he heard the serial killer had nothing to do with Nina. Edward confirms saying he has an alibi that night. Alphonse wonders who did it. In an alleyway the man from the library watches them walk, Edward now with the chain of the pocketwatch. He then walks deeper into the alley.


Edward is incredibly distraught over the death of Nina. He is given the task of going through Tucker's research, however before he and Alphonse finish he runs off and aruges with Mustang before handing over his pocketwatch. He escapes being a target of the man from the library by having given up the pocketwatch. Winry has come to visit from Resembool as a surprise. Edward who was talking to Hughes about the serial killer case is brought to where she was waiting. She however is no longer there after having a conversation with a woman who was delivering food with a refrigerated truck. Edward chases after and finds the serial killer, Barry the Chopper, and Winry who was kidnapped. After a battle where Edward fears for his life the two are rescued. Edward returns to his spot as a State Alchemist as long as Mustang lets him look into the philosopher's stone.

Episode 9: Be Thou for the People

The episode opens on Winry excitedly looking at something through a window and calling for Ed and Al to hurry. She enters a shop and begins to purchase a ton of tools. The shop keeper goes to gather everything she just told him and she gushes about how great this tool shop in Central is, and rubs a screwdriver handle on her face gushing about how good it feels.

Alphonse asks if she's still buying things from the doorway of she shop where he stands holding a bunch of boxes and bags. Winry says that Ed said he would buy her anything. Edward agrees sounding quiet and tired. Winry's smile falls, and she turns back into the shop to start talking about tools again and ask if she can get something. Edward looks away from her in the middle of her talking, looking even more tired than before, and he agrees to let her get the tool. Winry looks at him sadly, before asking the shop keeper to add some sewing machine oil too. She brings it to him an tells him it's for him to take care of his automail without her around.

A car pulls up to them and a military man steps out of it to tell Edward that Mustang wants to see him.

At Central Command Mustang tells Edward that he has a mission for him and now that he's a State Alchemist he'll need to be ready for when he's calle to go on missions. Hawkeye hands him his several papers that tell him what his orders are. As he reads that his mission is to go and inspect the coal mine at Youswell we see Alphonse and Winry by the car, Winry looks upset. Edward asks that this is the duty of a State Alchemsit, and Hawkeye explains it includes investigating the mined resources, and as an alchemist he should have knowledge about ores. Mustang tells him that since it's his first mission he made sure it was simple, but he shouldn't let himself get careless.

Edward and Alphonse sit in an empty train car, and Alphonse comments on how it feels like it's reserved, and how nice travelling by train. Edward tells Alphonse that he's the State Alchemist and Alphonse doesn't need to come along if he doesn't want to. Alphonse tells him he'll always be with him because, and then his speech is cut off as there's a flashback to Winry leaving back to Resembool. She asked if they would come back to the village somtimes, but Edward says they won't be. Alphonse told her there's nothing to go back to, and Winry looked down sadly.

In the train car Alphonse points out that Youswell has come into view.

In town Edward says that he expected it to be more lively, and Alphonse says everyone looks tired. Several men sit nearby. Edward says there's not much going on there and they should get it over with. Suddenly he is hit in the headby a large wooden beam, and the boy who hit him asks if they're tourists,where they're from, if they've eaten, and where they'll be staying, before calling to his father they have visitors, never giving Edward a chance to answer. His father comes into view and the boy tells him that they have big spenders. The father then introduces himself as Halling, the manager of the inn.

At the inn Halling apologizes for the dust, and tells the boys that the coal mine's wages are low, but with the inn he has two irons in the fire. His wife is helping them as the counter. Alphonse asks for the rates and Halling tells them it's expensive. Edward assures him that they have plenty of money. Halling then tells them it's 200,000 per night, which gets Edward worked up at the ridiculous price for a single night's stay. Halling tells him it's the highest quality inn there, and the rate is the same no matter where you go, and they haven't had guests in a long time so they need to make sure they get all they can from them.

Edward and Alphonse look into their wallet to find they don't have enough because had them buy so much. Edward tells Al there's nothing else they can do. We then see him using alchemy to fix a pickaxe as a bunch of men watch. They marvel at it as it's good as new, and Edward asks if there's anything else that needs fixing. Halling's wife brings over a broken vase, and Halling is surprised it still hasn't been thrown away. His wife says it's because he rarely buys her anything. Edward takes the vase and fixes it with alchemy. Halling comments on how their first visitor in a while is an alchemist, and then says he had tried alchemy once. His son, Kyle asks why they're in Youswell. Edward tells him he's there to inspect the mine and the inn goes quiet. Halling asks him if he's with the military, and Edward says he's a State Alchemsit.

Edward gets tossed out of the inn and angrily asks what that was about. Halling tells him they don't have food or beds for dogs of the military. He then asks Alphonse if he's with the military. Alphonse begins to say no, and Edward tells him that he has nothing to do with the military and he just met him on the train ride there. Halling then tells Edward he can go get eaten by dogs.

Alphonse comments on how much they hate the military to Kyle. Kyle tells him taht everyone hates people with the military, and that Yoki who supervises the town is a fiend for money. Halling brings over a plate of food for Alphonse and talks about how he's now joined by Edward. He then brings up the phrase "Be thou for the people" and how it's a State Alchemist's pride. He says he can't stand those who sell their soul to the military for special priveligies.

Outside Edward sits around, hungry. He realizes that the sewing machine oil Winry bought him is in his pocket. He oils his arm and comments on how she could worry about his human parts sometimes too instead of just his machine ones. Alphonse comes up and tells him that she does worry. He's snuck Edward food from the inn, since he can't eat it anyway.

Alphonse says that soliders are really hated. Edward tells him that he's prepared for that. Alphonse then brings up getting certified as a State Alchemist. Edward tells him he shouldn't, that it's bad enough that he's done it, and he's really become a dog of the military. Their attention is then turned to the inn.

Yoki tells Halling that his inn as dirty as ever. He's surrounded by a woman and several other military members. Yoki tells him his taxes are over due, the whole town's are. Halling apologizes and brings up how he doesn't earn a lot. The woman tells him it's because their work is poor. This works up several of the men who bring up that they're the ones who lowered wages and raised taxes. The woman tells them that Central put Yoki in charge of the town. She is told to shut up and they just take the money they work hard to earn to bribe his way up. Yoki tells them that they should try to bribe him them, and that the world isn't a place you can be comfortable for free.

One of the men goes to fight Yoki, but the woman steps in front of him. She uses a necklace with a transmutation circle on it to manipulate the wind and attack the man. Yoki tells her, Lyra, she did a good job. He then says that it seems rumors of the inn being a hangout for troublemakers is true, and he will be suspending his license to run the inn. Kyle gets angry and throws a towel at him. This angers the military men and he gets punched by one of the men and another pulls a sword on him as he is to become an example. Edward however steps in front of him saving Kyle. He then introduces himself as a State Alchemist.

Yoki immediately begins to be a kiss up and asks what he's doing in town. Edward tells him he's there to inspect the mine. Yoki then invites him to stay at his mansion. They then leave the inn.

In Central Mustang and Hawkeye are congratualated by General Hakruo on their upcoming promotions. Hakuro then brings up them being sent to Eastern Command. Mustang sees it as a demotion, but Hakuro tells him it's a transfer to a higher post. But he's heard of untrustworthy people in the East so he should watch himself.

Back in Youswell Yoki continues to suck up to Edward and then tells Lyra to show him her alchemy. Edward tells him there's no need, that he saw it at the inn and explains how she did it. Lyra tells him she wants to become a State Alchemist like him.

Food is brought out and Edward comments on how he eats well despite the shape of the town. Yoki then tells him that collecting taxes has been hard and that the residents are barbaric. Edward then brings up that what they're doing is asserting their rights and not paying their taxes. Yoki continues to suck up saying Edward is a man of understanding. Edward then says the world can be understood by equivalent exchange and rights come with responsibilities. Yoki continues to suck up and then bribes Edward calling it equivalent exchange. Edward says he'll consider taking it. Yoki says the people in town should start behaving soon.

At the inn Alphonse wonders how Edward is doing before he hears something. He goes to investigate to find Lyra destroying the inn. Halling and his Wife escape fine but Kyle is stuck inside and Halling is having to be held back from running in and getting hurt as well.The inn totally collapses and Halling begins to search the rubble for him. He then calls for his dad revealing that Alphonse had protected him.

Halling's wife cries over the wreckage of their inn, it's now morning. Edward asks Alphonse if it was their doing. Alphonse confirms. Kyle comes up to Edward and asks him to transmute some gold to help his father and save the town. Edward tells him he can't, and that the world runs on equivalent exchange, he has no duty or obligation to help the town. Kyle gets angry thinking Edward wants them to bribe him. Edward tells him that transmuting gold is a serious crime and if he were to be caught he would lose his certification and go to jail, and even if he makes the gold it'll only be taken in taxes. He asks why they don't just leave.

Halling tells him that the town is both their home and their coffin.

Edward has run off somewhere, Alphosne runs up to catch up to him. Edward brings up their home they burnt down, so they have nowhere to go to and they're fine with that. But these people do have a home and then he runs and jumps onto a train cart full of coal. He tells Al what he sees their is their secret. He pours the gold coins of Yoki's bribe onto the coal and begins to transmute.

Edward tells Yoki he wants to buy the mine and the trade routes. Yoki tells him that he couldn't. Edward says it's a shame and Alphonse opens up some doors revealing a room full of large golden bars. Edward tells him that the mine is full of elements that could be used in alchemy research. Yoki tells him that selling the mine for his own profit wouldn't look good. Edward tells him the gold doesn't appear in any records so they can do the transaction without anyone knowing. Yoki still seems hesitant so Edward suggests that he write up documents saying that he handed over the authority free of charge.

Kyle asks his father why can't be allowed to fight when Yoki and his group destroyed their inn. Edward comes in and tells everyone he's there to cheer them up. Kyle asks what he's doing there, and Edward says that that's no way to talk to the person who manages the town. Edward begins to show off the deed he has, meaning he owns the place. He then says that he has to go back to central though and it would be bothersome to have to bring it with him. Halling asks if he's trying to sell it back to them. Edward says it'll be expensive, bringing up equivalent exchange again. He then talks about how nice the very paper of the deed is itself. He then says it would be worth about 200,000. Everyone is surprised it would only cost that much. Edward brings up that's how much it costs to stay at the inn for a night, and if they let him spend the night they can call it even. Kyle brings up the inn was destroyed, and Edward shows them the inn now good as new.

Edward hands over the deed to Halling saying that'll cover his stay, and Halling nods confirming.

Yoki then shows up asking Edward what's going on, that all the gold he gave him turned to stone. Edward asks him what he's talking about. Yoki tells him not to play dumb that he traded the deed for gold. Edward tells him that he handed the deed over free of charge, and pulls out the document that says it. Yoki says that he swindled him, Edward says that makes it sound scandolous. It was a legitimate transaction. Yoki says it was invalid and he gets Lyra to attack him. Edward tells her tha Alchemists be thou for the people and he doesn't like her using it for her own interest. Lyra asks why he would go against the military. She uses her alchemy to attack him again and Edward uses his automail arm to protect himself and tells her he never sold his soul. She goes to attack again and Edward destroys her necklace.

Yoki tries to order his other men to attack but they've been intimidated by the miners. Yoki then gets beat up by two of the miners.

At the inn everyone celebrates.

Edward's report on the Coal mining mission is turned in and Hawkeye mentions this will provide the chance to reevaluate the mine and who oversees it. Mustang says that that will make transferring there easier, and if they're relocated they can take it easy. Hawkeye asks if he planned it. Mustang neither confirms nor denies, and then talks about how pretty the women out east are while looking at his fingernails. Hawkeye then brings up the reputation of the brothers and how it's spreading in the east, that there is a champion among the dogs.

We are then taken back to right before Liore. A man driving the brothers through the deserts brings up Edward, and Edward asks him what kind of guy he is. The man says he's a friend to the common man, but that he's also short. This causes one of Edward's moments and he chases the driver through the desert as Alphonse yells at him to stop.


Edward and Alphosne take Winry shopping and she gets a lot of stuff. Edward then has to go on a mission. Winry heads back to Resembool and Ed and Al go to Youswell so Edward can inspect the mine. At Youswell the people don't get paid a lot and have to pay a lot of taxes. The price to stay the night at the inn is very expensive, and because the brothers bought so much for Winry they don't have the money. Edward begins to fix things with alchemy and reveals he's a State Alchemist. He's throw out of the inn. Yoki the man who oversees the town visits the inn with a young woman named Lyra who wants to become a state alchemist. He tells them that they're all late on their taxes and Kyle, the son of the inn keeper escalates and is nearly hurt to prove an example. Edward steps in and then goes with Yoki. During the night the inn is destroyed by Lyra. After hearing the towns people talk about how the town is their home decides to trick Yoki. He turns coal into gold and strikes a deal with Yoki. He makes it look like Edward was given the town free of charge and he gets the gold. Edward then trades the deed to the town with the inn keeper for a night stay at the inn, which he fixed. The gold Yoki was given has transformed back into coal and he goes to confront Edward, but he, Lyra, and his other underlings are defeated. Edward gains a good repuation in the east.

Episode 10: The Phantom Thief

The episode opens up on the brothers on a train playing a card game. Edward pulls some cards and notes that they're junk. Alphonse then pulls some cards and thinks he has a wining hand. They double the bet. Alphonse puts down a full house, Edward reveals that he now has a royal flush. Alphonse has lost again and wants to play again, but Edward quits. Alphonse asks if he's bored from winning, as he keeps winning. Edward says it's not about the cards but rather about Mustang. Alphonse asks if he doesn't want to see him. Edward tells him of course and that they didn't have any leads other than the fake stone in Liore. Edward says when he hands in his report Mustang will be sarcastic and just thinking about it puts him in a bad mood.

Edward and Alphonse get off the train, as Edward wants to see if there are any leads in the town, and Aquroya is a tourist spot anyway. Alphonse says it's like they're playing hooky, and Edward gets worked up asking who's playing Hooky and cards fall out of his sleeve. Alphonse inspects the cards and is about to accuse Edward of cheating, but he looks back up and Edward has run off. He chases after him yelling at him that he's a cheater.

We then see a group of police officers, one has a card thrown at his face. A woman called Psiren, who is dressed quite silly (Like seriously what is her outfit??) runs away from them. A large group of police officers chase after her. She runs to the edge of a stone piere and seems to be cornered by the police officers. However she pulls out a deck of cards and tosses them into the water activating a transmutation circle and forming a bridge. She runs across it with ease, the police try to chase after her but instead fall into the water. Psiren watches from the other side, holding something in her hands.

Alphonse comments on the beauty of the city, Edward repeats that it's a tourist city and that it beats going to East City and seeing the Colonel. A carriage goes by and Edward is soaked in muddy water. He uses alchemy to clean and dry himself off and is immediately handcuffed. He asks what's going on and the man, one of the police officers from earlier, tells him he's coming with him to the station and that he has something he wants to ask him about.

At the station he finds out that Edward is the fullmetal alchemist. Edward is shoveling food into his mouth and says that his watch should be proof of it. The officer asks how someone so short could be him. This sets Edward off. The officer begins to explain the situation with Psiren who is a thief, and they only have one lead, and it's that she uses alchemy. That's why he thought Edward may have some info.

Edward and Alphonse leave, Edward complaining about how the officer kept asking the same questions. Alphonse starts to ask him if it bothers him, but Edward is falling behind. Edward is crouched on the ground and mentions his stomach before he makes a face.

At a hospital a doctor tells Edward he just has food poisoning. He calls over a nurse, Clara to give him a shot. Edward tries to run out of the hospital as he doesn't like shots and Alphonse has to pick him up and bring him back over. He continues to fight until Clara puts a finger on his mouth, and she gives him the shot without him even noticing. Clara tells him that he needs to grow up.

Alphonse tells Edward that he thought Clara was pretty, and Edward asks what's so good about a woman like that. They then hear her talking to someone. Across the area the courtyard she's helping an old woman eat. She offers to cut her up another piece of fruit. Alphonse is reminded of a time when the two were younger. Edward was trying to peel an apple, but their mother took it and peeled it for them. Edward asks what Alphonse is thinking about. Alphonse says it's nothing, then says that Clara is pretty and reminds him of their mother. Edward says that they're completely different.

The old woman drops her plate and Clara goes to pick up the apple slices, but Alphonse comes over and transmutes the pieces back into a full apple. He hands Clara the apple. Then the officer from earlier shows up and asks for Edward's help.

Back at the police station Edward is once again digging into some food, there are 45 more bowls on a table in front of him. Edward asks what he's up to. The officer tells him that he contacted Mustang and found out he really is a State Alchemist, and he'd like to ask for a favor. Edward shows him his now empty bowl and says he wants another serving. We then see all the bowls again, and the officer tells him he can have as many as he wants.

A crowd is gathered around a building that is gated off and guarded by police officers. The officer says that with him this will be the last night of Psiren. Edward says he'll try and then mentions all the people gathered around. The officer tells him that Psiren sends prior notice to newspaper of her upcoming thefts. Then reporters, spectators and fans show up. He then tells him he'll leave it up to Edward and he's going to check the security system. Alphonse says he's surprised that Edward took up this job. Edward says he's taken an interest in this alchemist thief.

The item is being guarded by police officers and Ed and Al. At the ceiling. a circle is drawn and then a droplet falls causing the room to be filled with fog. Edward goes to get the thief, and knives are thrown at Al barely missing. Psiren has meanwhile cut open the glass container and takes it before running off. Edward chases after her. Outside Psiren keeps running, but she then finds Edward ahead of her. He tells her he won't allow her to use alchemy to steal and because of her he got treated like a thief as well and he'd like an apology. Psiren takes out her deck of cards and creates a sword from them and attacks Edward. Edward punches her and destroys her sword. He falls on top of her and we get That anime joke, and Edward just now realizes Psiren is a woman. Psiren tells him a shame she can't show her face and unzips her shirt a bit, revealing a transmutation circle that activates and sends Edward flying backward, and he gets pinned to the ground with cards. She tells him that kids ought to be in bed and calls him pipsqueak, which sets Edward off.

At the hospital Edward calls for Al, and is looking for him. He finds a dark room with the door cracked open. He looks inside and sees Clara unbutton her shirt to reveal the transmutation circle that had been on Psiren's chest. She sucks the energy out of a flower and then looks up to see Edward standing in the room. (This room seems to be empty besides the flower) Edward calls her out on being Psiren and Clara plays dumb. She says she was in the room to get medicine. Edward calls her a liar and she gives up the act, instead asking how she's a liar, she's a great beauty just as she said. Edward yells that that's not the issue.

Alphonse then finds them in the room. Edward tells him that Clara is Psiren. Clara then says that a lot can happen in someone's life and they probably wouldn't understand. Alphonse says that he does understand and then brings up that the hospital is going to be destroyed. He then assumes that she became a thief to save the hospital. Clara says that that's correct, that she didn't want to have to do it but she wanted to save the patients. Alphonse is amazed at how kind she is. The police officer then runs in yelling about a new notice from Psiren, walking in on quite the scene.

Edward and the police officer talk outside of a mansion. Edward notices theres less security. The officer tells him the owner of the mansion is a very cautious man and there's a trap in the mansion. He says they'll get her for sure this time, but in case it doesn't work they'll be counting on him. The officer then leaves. Alphonse asks Edward what they're going to do.

In the mansion water comes up from under a door and opens it. Psiren walks in and grabs the item and gets captured by the trap. The blue light of a transmutation is seen and the cage is destroyed freeing her. She meets Edward outside. She asks why he helped, and he tells her he didn't help her out, but there are times when doing the wrong thing may be necessary, and if it'll help save the hospital. Clara laughs and Edward asks why she was laughing and she says he sounded so grown up. Edward insists he is a grown up. Clara says as a grown woman she needs to repay the debt, and asks what he'd like. Edward asks if she has any information about the philosopher's stone. She doesn't, but if he ever finds out where it is she'll help him steal it. Edward tells her he's glad she can save the hospital.

The hospital is then destroyed. Edward and Alphonse stare dumbfounded at the rubble. Edward wonders if she tricked them. Alphonse says that she wouldn't and this is a mistake. Edward doesn't believe it. Clara comes up to them, she is now a nun.

Clara explains to them in a church that she tried to save the hospital but she was too late, and she was so disappointed she became a nun. She then tells them that she wants to save the church because it is also going to be destroyed. Alphonse takes this as proof of what a wonderful woman she is, and tells her they'll help her.

Now at a hotel Alphonse tells Edward that Psiren has struck again, and the church can be saved.

The church is destroyed. Alphonse believes this to also be a mistake. Edward tells him that she's a con artist. Alphonse still doesn't want to believe it. Clara shows up again, now she's a school teacher. Alphonse, still wanting to believe she is a good person asks if she's trying to save a school from being destroyed. Clara confirms. Edward doesn't believe it and says she's a criminal who does it for her own benefit. She says he's an adult he should figure it out for himself.

The brothers are walking through town, and it's announced there's more Psiren news. Edward asks a man why they're so excited about this. He tells him that Psiren is saving Aquyora, and she's their star of hope. He explains that the city is sinking into the lake, so people were leaving the town. Psiren brought life to the city and now reporters and tourists come. So now before the city disappears they get one last burst of life. Alphonse asks Ed is she became a thief to save the city. Edward says maybe, but she tricked him and she's going to pay for that at least.

Clara is on a boat in a canal and meets Edward who is also on a boat. She talks about how pretty it is, and Edward calls her a crook. She says that he's the same. Edward says maybe, but what they use alchemy for and the burdens they bear. Clara unzips her shirt and attacks Edward destroying his boat. Edward then attacks her with a giant hand. He celebrates before remembering he can't breathe and tries to swim back up.

Psiren is now in handcuffs and she compliments Edward. She tells Edward that she's heard someone is researching the philosopher's stone in Xenotime. Edward and Alphonse leave the city on a train. Edward tells Alphonse he had no choice and she was a criminal. Alphonse denies that she was one, and says that even he said wrong doing is necessary sometimes. He says that Clara is a kind person and he thinks so too. Edward says that he's not sure.

In the carriage Clara is being taken away in, she says it's hot and asks for the officer to unzip her shirt a bit. There's an explosion and she escapes into the night.


Edward cheats at cards and the brothers stop at a city called Aquroya. Edward gets arrested for doing alchemy. Edward gets food poisoning from food the police gave him and he goes to the hospital where they meet a nurse named Clara. Alphonse thinks she is a very kinda woman. The police get Edward's help in trying to catch Psiren a local thief. They are unsuccesful in catching her but Edward sees a tattoo she has on her chest. Edward stumbles across Clara in a room where she's unbuttoned her shirt revealing the same tattoo. Clara tricks the brothers into thinking that she's stealing to save the hospital from being destroyed. Edward is once again tasked with helping the police, but he lets Psiren go. The hospital is still destroyed. Edward no longer believes her, but Alphonse continues to eat up her lies. She becomes a nun, and the church is destroyed, and then a school teacher. The brothers learn that Psiren has saved the town, by stealing things she has brought in tourism and reporters that it had lost because the city is sinking into the lake its on. Edward and Clara have a talk on a canal that turns into a fight. Clara is arrested, but before she leaves she tells Edward that someone is researching the philosopher's stone in Xenotime. Ed and Al leave the city, and Clara escapes.

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