Maes Hughes


Maes Hughes was a lieutenant colonel in the Amestrian military and worked in investigations. He cared a lot about his wife and daughter, taking any opportunity he could to talk about them.

Sheska worked under him and he often gave her lots of extra work.

He was friends with Roy Mustang, and had to help him work through his emotions after the Ishballan massacre.

He met Edward and Alphonse when the brothers were 11 and 10 during a train hijacking where they all worked together to save everyone else on board. He took on a fatherly role with the brothers, and found out Edward's birthday so he could throw him a birthday party.

He was killed by Envy who changed into his wife.

Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Occupation: Lieutenant Colonel
Family: Gracia Hughes (Wife), Elicia Hughes (Daughter)
Alive or Dead: Dead (1914)