Hohenheim of Light


Hohenheim of Light is from a civilization that was lost several hundred years ago. With his partner at the time Dante they used their city to create a philosopher's stone. He nearly died and Dante transferred his soul to the body of another and they used that knowledge to become seemingly immortal. At some point they had a son who died and they brought him back as the homunculus Envy. Later on Hohenheim left. He met Trisha Elric and they had two sons Edward and Alphonse Elric. When the boys were still young he left as his current body was slowly rotting and he didn't want his sons to witness that. He later came out of hiding. He began to confront Dante but was sent to London. He lived the rest of his life in Europe, living in London for awhile. He created new prosthetics for Edward after he also crossed over. He once again left Edward. He died crushed to death by Envy in his dragon form.

Age: Several Hundred Years
Gender: Male
Occupation: I'll fill this in later it's kinda weird
Family: Dante (Ex Wife?), Envy (Oldest Son), Trisha (Wife?), Edward Elric (Middle Son), Alphonse Elric (Youngest Son)
Alive or Dead: Dead (1921 Germany Time)