Edward Elric


Edward Elric also known as The Fullmetal Alchemist, is the youngest State Alchemist in Amestrian history. He's a double amputee, his left leg being taken during a transmutation to try to bring his mother back, and his right arm taken to seal his brother Alphonse's soul to a suit of armor and save his life. He has a short temper, often getting angry when people call him short. He exaggerates what was said and claims they said that.


He was born in Resembool, Amestris in the winter of 1899 to Trisha Elric, and Hohenheim of Light. His brother was born the following year in 1900. He grew up in Resembool and his family was friends with the nearby Rockbells, and became childhood friends with Winry Rockbell. His father Hohenheim left when he was very young

Growing up with his mother he often noticed that she would get a look on her face, caused by the absence of Hohenheim. He began to learn alchemy at a young age with his brother Alphonse from the books that his father had left behind. The first thing he made with alchemy was a doll for Winry that he created with Alphonse's help.

When he was just 10 years old his mother collapsed while he and Alphonse were out of the house. After this she became bedridden and died leaving him and his brother orphans. After her funeral he declared that he and Alphonse would bring their mother back from the dead.

He and his brother met Izumi Curtis during a storm where she helped the town. They bothered her into taking them on students. They were given a challenge to survive on a deserted island for a month and figure out what All is One and One is All means. They passed her test and she taught them.

After learning from Izumi he and his brother returned to Resembool where they tried to bring back their mother. It failed and Edward lost his left leg up to just above his knee. Alphonse lost his body and Edward gave up his right arm to bring him back and bind his soul to a suit of armor.

Edward decided to get automail after being visited by Roy Mustang, he did his physical therapy within a year and left home with Alphonse to try to become State Alchemists.

The Exam

To be continued

Age: 11-12 (episodes 4 - episode 9) 15 (episodes 10 - 51) 18 (Conqueror of Shamballa)
Gender: Male
Occupation: State Alchemist (Anime Series)
Family : Trisha Elric (Mother) Hohenheim of Light (Father) Envy (Older Brother) Alphonse Elric (Younger Brother)